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Guidance, Help And Support For Private Tutors

Are you thinking of becoming a private tutor? We the owners of Home Tutors Directory began tutoring in the summer of 1993 and 1994 upon the completion of our degrees After each working for four years in academic research, we started a business in private tuition specialising in GCSE Science and A Level Biology and Chemistry.

Because of this we would like to share some of our expertise with you to enable you to start work as a successful private tutor. Alternatively this guide can help exsisting tutors on how to improve their tutoring service so it will go from strength to strength. This is only a guideline but we hope it will help you. This guide is primarily targeted at those wishing to offer academic tutoring, however most of the guide applies equally well to those of you wishing to tutor non-academic/vocational subjects such as alternative therapies etc.

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Regardless of whether you are currently a full time or part time private tutor, new to tutoring, or are considering setting up a new private tuition service or home tutoring business, we hope that you find the tutoring tips helpful


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What Are The Qualifications Required For Private Tutors?

Currently in the UK there are no minimum or maximum qualifications that a home teacher requires to offer a private tutoring service. However a minimum requirement sought by most tutoring agencies is a foundation degree or HND if you wish to provide tuition for academic subjects.

Who Can Become A Private Tutor?

There are several categories of individuals who generally provide home tuition including the following

  • Graduates, Post Graduate & PhD Students
    Graduates and post graduate students generally offer tutoring for the subjects they qualified with from their first degree and can provide a wealth a knowledge and up to date help with current syllabi.
  • Teachers
    Many teachers who have a B.Ed or have NQT (Newly Qualified Teacher) status participate in private tuition. It is also common for individuals who are involved in part time teaching, such as part time teachers, retired teachers and supply teachers to offer tutoring to subsidise their main income. PGCE students may also offer tutoring which can also enhance their teaching experience on a one to one basis.
  • Lecturers
    Like teachers, many college lecturers and university lecturers make good private tutors. Often retired university lecturers like to provide tuition to "keep their hand in" on their subject specialism.
  • Individuals Working In Training & The Vocational Educational Sector
    This applies to those who offer tutoring for vocational subjects such as BTECs, City and Guilds and NVQs.

By Jayne Thomas Co-founder of Home Tutors Directory

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