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Below are some of the testimonials and reviews provided by past and present private tutors and private tutoring agencies who are advertising on Home Tutors Directory from across the UK.


I'm pleased to report that I've had at least a dozen enquiries as a result of my advertising with you over the past year, many of which have led to long-term teaching assignments, so I'm very pleased to keep advertising with you!
- Sarah O'Donoghue - Durham

I have gained lots of tutees due to my current advert on your website and will definitely use it again in the future.
- M Leaver - Preston

I definitely want to renew my advert with you as it was very successful last year
- Jane Barker - Princes Risborough

I have been very pleased with the response from Home Tutors Directory. I have received a great many enquiries to the extent that I am operating a waiting list for all after school tuition slots. The length of the waiting list for more convenient times for most students is a credit to your website.
- Penelope Barton - Milton Keynes

The advert on your site has been very helpful in bringing in pupils.
- R Tindsley - Nottingham

Thanks for a great service.
- Nigel Campbell - Chester

I am very pleased with the number of enquiries I receive.
- Tony Parker - Haslemere

Thank you for the efficient way you have handled the site over the past two years. I have got a good number of pupils through the ad and am very grateful.
- B Hunt - York

As a result of my page on your site this week. I am on Radio 1Xtra advising kids on revision!
- T Rudall - Sherborne

I am enjoying a lot of response to my advert in your directory.
- Gareth Thomas - Wolverhampton

I would like to say that I am very grateful for all of the work that I have gotten through your website.
- J Hall - Kensington

Advertising on your website has certainly paid off as over 80% of my clients come via this route. I must say that virtually all my clients are as a result of Home Tutors Directory which is an incredible testament to your website. Many thanks.
- Catherine Hall - Welwyn Garden City

I am very pleased with your service
- M Chaterjee - Wimborne Minster

I've had a good response from mostly serious people
- L Lainge - Haringey

I have been very impressed with your organisation since I have received ALL of my enquiries from you!! I have had to turn so many away as I couldn't offer spaces.
- C Bunce - Epsom

May I take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent service you provide. Thanks to my advert with you, I am always fully booked. - Mrs J Kavanagh - Ashford

I am very pleased with the number of enquiries my advert on your site has generated.
- Mr Jon Lewis - Cardiff

I have had a very good response from your site and I have no problems in being able to recommend this to others.
- Mr A Dare - Birmingham

I am so grateful for myself being able to advertise with Home Tutors Directory. I have received a good number of enquiries and I have, as a result, been able to keep as busy as my schedule allows . THANK YOU!!
- Peter Wood - Newark On Trent

Many thanks for Home Tutors Directory's excellent service!
- Vincent White - Birmingham

I've had a good response from mostly serious people
- Accomplish Tutoring - Erdington

I would like to renew my ad as I have found it useful.
- B Berkaine-Tongue - Croydon

I have had interest in my advert and have several students because of it, so thank you for your service!
- Pippa Bealing - Shaftesbury

Just to say, it is well worth it; I am inundated and am having to turn work away!
- I Gallon - Epsom

I've had a good response from your site, even getting a (desperate!) student in May which was 6 weeks before her GCSE exams. I am very pleased with the service too, nice & simple & effective.
- Mark Gardner - Southhampton

I have found the response from the website to be very good - most of my pupils have come via the Home Tutors Directory website.
- C Wilson - Leatherhead

I am inundated with work.
- N Bush - Canvey Island

I have had lots of enquiries/work through your website
- J Dowling - Marlow

Many thanks as advertising on your site has worked.
- C Craggs - Hartlepool

It's been the single most successful form of advertising for me over the year so I'm delighted with it!
- Dr Cathy Beck - Nottingham

Home Tutors Directory was really, really useful, thanks!! Made many contacts, many of whom I tutored for quite some time.
- R Greenhaff - Derby

I joined your website for tutors only a few weeks ago and I have found it to be very useful for increasing my enquiries about tutoring. Thanks!
- S Duckworth - Lewisham

Thank you for continuing to provide such a useful service.
- Dr Christopher Spencer - Weybrisge

The response from the advertising last year has been well worth the investment.
- Norman Holden - Salisbury

Have to say your site is fantastic.
- J Etheridge - Gloucester

I have been very pleased with the response to my ad since registering with Home Tutors Directory 3 months ago and now have a number of new pupils.
- V Aitchison -Walton On Thames

An excellent forum linking the right tutor to individual students ... the process of management is simplicity itself and works very effectively.
- Jackie Blandford - Portsmouth

Well, the advert you set up for me worked a treat...... and more. I have had many contacts and selectively picked up enough pupils for what I wanted to do........ ie Year 10 and 11 for AQA Sciences. I will recommend the use of your site to any of my acquaintances who are looking to do some tuition in the future. Many thanks.
- B Hargreaves - Leeds

Thanks to Hometutorsdirectory my name comes up every time in the first few 'googled' tutors in my area. They seem pretty efficient to me. I would recommend them.
- Dr.Sean O'Leary - Didcot

It's been a fantastic year with you - I have received loads of enquiries through your website.
- Joanna Craigie - Darlington

I find The Home Tutors Directory very useful in running my home tutoring.The advertising package is reasonable,with no hidden charges.They are quick to inform us of any Internet scams that we might encounter and so I shall continue to use Home Tutors Directory with confidence.
- C Thompson - Swanage

This site brings me into contact with a good many young people needing the kind of individual, specialised help in which the Home Tutors Directory specialises.
- Paul McDermott - Saint Austell

A useful site that has brought me a number of good students to help, the admin side has always been helpful. Generally a very favourable and productive experience.
- R Howes - Newport

Most of my private tuition students have contacted me after finding this website. More than half are university students and about half are on-line tutees.
- B de Laine - Brighton

I advertised with you last year and am happy to say that it was very successful and I had several students as a result of your site.
- Love of Language - Herne Bay

Home Tutors Directory has proved to be an excellent, efficient source of advertising. The number of tuition requests that we have received has increased enormously since we began advertising with them and as a result we have been able to help many more students who are struggling, or who just need an extra boost, to find a tutor and as a result excel in their exams.
- C Hobbs - Nationwide

Received an excellent new student within a few minutes of listing with Home Tutors Directory. Since then we continue regularly to get very productive enquiries from this source. Well worth belonging to!
- - English Language Tuition Services - Ealing

Since my ad was published, I must admit that response received was impressive. Besides, the cost of advertising is reasonable and the standard of admin support provided, is at a professional level. I am entirely satisfied with the services received from the Home Tutors' Directory.
- Sultan Ahmed - Manchester

I have received many enquiries from this site from parents requiring Tutors for their children. It is very accessible and gives parents the information that they need before they contact you. It has been fab for me!
- Angie Apicella - Leatherhead

Since joining hometutorsdirectory.co.uk. my business has increased by over 150%. I have tried a number of advertising strategies e.g. local newspapers, shop windows, etc but, by far, the greatest response has been from this web site. I can highly recommend it.
- Charles Poole - Frodsham

My advert with you has achieved its object.Keep up the good work! Many Thanks
- Bryan Moore - Blackpool

I have had an advertisement on Hometutorsdirectory for several months and have received a steady stream of enquiries. These have resulted in successfully tutoring students, some long term and others to boost their knowledge for exams. I shall definitely renew my advertisement when it falls due in a few months time.
- Mrs Pat Moss - Epsom

Excellent service - always prompt with detail amendments and very helpful. I now receive 80% of my business from Home Tutors Directory and their lead generation puts the results of advertising in the local press to shame. Why spend hundreds on updating Google rankings when you can be part of the Home Tutors Directory network? Keep up the good work!
- Michael Dowling - Diss and Norwich

I recieved quite a few enquiries, more than I expected and I am very pleased with your level of service. Thanks again.
- Ms S Jones - Nottingham

May I take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful website - I have received many enquiries and a lot of work through my advert with you.
- Mrs S Ainscough - Dorset

I have been very pleased with advertising on the HomeTutorsDirectory over the last year
- Liz Bennett - Bristol

As a new tutor on your website can I say how busy it's been. The phone hasn't stopped ringing with enquiries for my services.
- M Piper - Bromley

I would certainly consider using your service again and would recommend it to other teachers. I found the response level good and your overall efficiency excellent.
- I Smith - Manchester

Fantastic site, generating lots of responses and serious enquiries. This is a well respected, high ranking, popular site.................many thanks and good luck !!!
- I Schofield - Nationwide

I am really pleased with Hometutorsdirectory. Advertising on this investment has helped my business grow.
- Rachel Meddoms - Warwick and Coventry

www.hometutorsdirectory.co.uk have been the most economic and effective advertising for me. Many of my current and former students found me through HomeTutorsDirectory. I recommend this site to students looking for other subjects and other teachers looking for work. I am very pleased with HomeTutorsDirectory. Advertising on this site continues be a good investment.
- D Kingett - Wood Green

I congratulate you on your enterprise, it's brilliant.
- Tom Duncan - Weybridge

Home tutors directory is a professional and valuable advertising service, I would certainly recommend them.
- L Taylor - Newmarket

A simple and effective process for finding a tutor! No extra fees or paperwork. I continue to have a strong base of students and have recommended the site to other teachers.
- H Simmonds - Pontyclun and Cardiff

I have received a lot of enquiries through Hometutorsdirectory.co.uk and it is definitely worth the money. They have always updated my details when necessary and provided me with a very valuable service. Much better and more lucrative than any agency - and no hassle either!
- Jonathan Clark - Welwyn Garden City

I've been delighted with the work I have received so far via your website, so many thanks.
- M Marshall - Chelmsford

I am very grateful to home tutors directory as I have gained a lot of clients through this website. I am more than happy to renew my subscription.
- Z Saidely - Chuiswick

I have found that advertising with hometutorsdirectory.co.uk has generated a lot of business for me. In addition, most of the enquiries I receive are relevant to my area of teaching.
- K Byrne - Salford

I've been a maths tutor for a few years. There is no doubt that the majority of my new students learn with me after having found my details on www.hometutorsdirectory.co.uk . Thank you.
- Gill Edon - Leeds,

I find your web-site is very good as most introductions come through hits on your site.
- Martin Landsell - Taunton

Tutor Me Ltd has used the Home Tutors Directory since we founded the company in 2007. We continue to advertise on the site due to the level of enquiries and hits our website receives as a result of it and find it a very cost effective form of marketing Tutor Me Ltd. We look forward to many more years of business together as we continue to grow our business across the country.
- Tutor Me Ltd - Leeds and Bradford

HomeTutorsDirectory.co.uk is an excellent, easily accessible site providing parents and tutors with a first-rate service. Our own tutoring agency has benefitted greatly from the easily accessible links and information provided on their pages and their very competitive advertising rates make it an asset to all those in the tutoring business.
- J.T. - National

Home Tutors Directory is an excellent site to advertise on. The cost is very reasonable, and the response has been great.The staff are friendly and efficient, and take a genuine personal interest in you as a client. I couldn't recommend Home Tutors Directory more highly.
- Bob Adey - All areas of London and the home counties

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