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How To Use Home Tutors Directory To Find Tutors & Tutoring Agencies

On the map below click on the region in which you are trying to find a tutor or simply click on the county links in the table below.

Searching For A Private Tutor Or Tuition Agency By County

Once you have clicked on a relevant area of the UK map or chosen a correct county link from the table below you will be taken to a page of adverts. Each page specifies the areas covered by the tutors and tutoring agencies listed with us.

Please scroll down the page to find tutor and tuition agency details.

On each page, you will see a key. The house symbol in each advert indicates that the tutor provides tuition from their home or office only. The car symbol indicates that the tutor travels to the student or tutee only. Both house and car symbol indicated the tutor will provide tutoring by travelling or providing tuition from their office or home.

Each tutor profile specifies their location, including areas that they cover within the county, as well as the radius they are prepared to travel. Subjects and levels taught are indicated, as well as a small section of addtional information.

Tutoring agencies listed on each county page do not list areas because they provide private tutors who cover all of that county for all subjects.

All adverts have contact details. Once you have found a suitable tutor or tuition agency to contact you may do so by using the contact details given. Please note we are not a tutoring agency, and the service is free for students, parents and guardians to contact appropriate tutors and agencies.

If there isn't a suitable tutor listed under your county try selecting the neighbouring counties, or use the spaecialist subject pages.

Searching For A Tutor Or Tutoring Agency By Subject

At the top of each county page is a subjects drop down menu. This allows students to search for tutors and tutoring agencies providing tuition for specific subjects throughout the UK.

Each subject page is divided into three columns. The left hand column is the name of the tutor or tutoring agency.The middle column specifies the levels and disciplines provided for that subject. The right hand column consists of a link directly to the advertiser's profile. Below the links is a list of areas in the catchment area of where the tutor provides tutoring. This enables the user to determine whether the tutor provides tutoring in your specific town or village of your county.


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