Employing Private Tutors & Tutoring Agencies' Services

As a parent or guardian you may feel that your child would benefit from the help of a private tutor. The main reasons why parents may decide to engage the services of private tutors is because each tutor specialises in private tuition for specific subjects. Private tutoring is not only about helping to improve grades it helps in educational attainment and restoring confidence of the student when they are academically struggling.

The Difference Between Private Tutors, Home Tutors & Tutoring Agencies

Some private tutors provide private tuition from their homes or offices and provide tuition at the pupils / tutees/ students home. Other home tutors specifically only provide home tuition at the home of the pupil/ student /tutee. Some private teachers only provide private tuition services from their home or office.

These tutors are freelance, self employed private tutors. The parent pays the tutor directly for a one hour tuition session on a weekly basis. Tutoring agencies are a type of employment agency that provides tutors for many subjects and levels. The tutor will join a tutoring agency and providing they meet with the private tuition agency criteria such as references, experience and CRB checks they will be on the agency books. Although these private tutors are self employed, the tutoring agency will contact the tutor when a student has contacted them requiring a tutor for a certain subject and level. If the tutor accepts the tutoring work, they generally pay a commission fee to the agency, per lesson. Some tutoring agencies also ask the parent for an introductory fee as well as taking commission from the tutor.

Where To Look For A Private Tutor & Find Private Tuition

If you have concluded that you would feel better by hiring the services of private tutor, home tutor or tutoring agency to provide private tuition you may wish to consider the following places to look :-

  • The Yellow Pages - Lists private tutors, home tutors and tutoring agencies.
  • Local shop windows - Limited selection of tutors, however you may find a tutor for the subject that you require.
  • Post Office windows - same as shop windows.
  • Supermarket noticeboards - same as shop windows
  • Tutors & tutoring advice sites on the Internet - such as Home Tutors Directory. Our primary focus is advising tutors, parents and students on matters concerning UK private tuition and education. We specialise in providing advice to help qualified, self employed tutors set up a private tuition service. In addition we provide advertising for self employed private tutors and private tuition agencies based in the UK.
  • Tutoring agencies who publish their websites on the Internet - variety of regional and national private tuition agencies and lots of choice.
  • Advertising directories on the internet - these advertise everything ! But have specific private tuition sections for classes, courses and lessons. This is where tutors can advertise their tutoring profiles and contact details.
  • Recommendations from other parents, friend's or relatives. - ask around, the chances are you will know someone who has private tuition or can recommend a good tutor or agency that they have used in the past

If you are looking to engage the services of private tutors or a tutoring agency, more information can be found here questions to ask a private tutor.

By Jayne Thomas Co-founder of Home Tutors Directory

This guide is original and was written using our own experiences gained during many years of tuition. It is protected by copyright. You may use this for your own personal use or for teaching purposes. It should not be published wholly or in part on other websites or in written publications and certainly not passed off as anyone else's work. If you have seen this article published elsewhere we would like you to let us know by contacting us here. We can then take action against them.

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