Advantages For Private Tutors & Tutoring Agencies Advertising With Home Tutors Directory.


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We are one of the longest established UK private tuition directories on the internet. We have an upfront, honest approach and will strive to offer you the best service we possibly can. We undestand that as a home tutor or tutoring agency you want a cost effective way of advertising your private tutoring services, that gets you the maximum number of leads with the least amount of hassle. was created with that aim in mind.

So here are the main reasons that why we think you may want to advertise with us

  1. We Do Not Charge Commission To Tutors Or Tutoring Agencies For A Listing
    Unlike tutoring agencies or other private tutoring sites, we do not charge tutors fees. As a private tutor, tutoring agency or tuition providing organisation you pay one small annual advertisng fee and then the money you earn from the enquires you get, you get to keep.

  2. We Do Not Charge Parents or Students A Finders Fee
    Parents and students can search our Directory for free. We do not charge ridiculous finders fees for parents to be given your details. We believe finders fees puts many parents and students off. Parents can get your contact details directly on our site.

  3. We Do Not Believes In A Fair Pricing System For Private Tutors & Tutoring Agencies
    As we only accept a mimimum of a HND and or experienced tutors. You will not be competing against cheaper inexperienced A Level and Undergraduate students which you will find listed on other tutoring sites. When advertising on these other tutoring sites you may find that you have to reduce your prices to remain competitive reducing your profit margins.

  4. Ratio Of Enquiries From Potential Tutees Per Advertiser Is Higher With Us
    As mentioned above because we insist on listing only experienced or highly qualified tutors and also as we charge an annual fee the number of advertisers on our site is kept small and exclusive. Even though the number of advertisers is kept low the number of parent and student visitors is comparable with or exceeds traffic to most of the other private tuition sites who have many more tutors listed. We therefore, have the highest ratio of potential clients to advertisers of all of our competitors in the UK. This is why most of our advertisers renew their advertisng year after year.

  5. No Hidden Extras Or Prices
    Some sites insist that you write articles for them in addition to your annual fee to drive more traffic to their site. We don't. We are happy to consider submission of relevant articles from our advertisers, but do not insist that this is prerequisite of advertising on Home Tutors Directory . We don't claim that we are offering "Tutor Jobs" or "Tutor Vacancies". This can be misleading as it infers that these sites are some sort of employment agency. We are not an employment agency and neither are the other tuition sites who use these terms. We have clear, common-sense advertising pricing structures. We guarantee that the price quoted is the price you pay with no hidden extras. We also give you all the information about costs and payment procedures up front. You do not have to commit to advertising with us before you get this information. Not all directories do this.

  6. We Covers Many Areas Of The UK.
    Your advert will be found on all search engines for all the areas where you provide private tuition, not just one major area.Thus increasing your chance of enquiries.

  7. We Offer A Bespoke & Unique Service To All Our Advertisers
    In addition to a listing by county, we also allow tutors and tuition providers to select the areas they choose to advertise in. We manually check the areas covered for EVERY advertiser and allow each tutor to choose a maximum of 5 areas that they cover and 10 areas per business. This will then be listed on both the county page(s) chosen & also the profile page. This means your advert will be seen for many areas & not just one. Not one of our competitors offers this bespoke service.

Still not convinced............ then why not take a look at our testimonial page listing some of the reviews from our satisfied advertisers.

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