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  • GCSE Maths
  • GCSE Biology
  • GCSE Chemistry
  • IB Chemistry
  • A Level Chemistry
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  • GCSE Physics
  • GCSE Science

Areas Covered

A-level/AS/IB, GAMSAT Chemistry

GCSE Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Maths

KS3 Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Maths

Price and Range:
�40 per hour, all levels

Personal Information:
I have a BSc (2:1 Hons) from King's College London, and a PGCE (Bristol). I taught up to A level in school as Head of Science, was the author of "BBC Help Yourself GCSE Chemistry" and contributor to Nuffield KS3 Science.

I have tutored Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Maths successfully for over 21 years, in all boards. With the advent of Covid-19, I am tutoring now exclusively online, using the Zoom interactive whiteboard and a desk camera. It would be desirable for students to be equipped with a tablet and compatible stylus, so that I can see what they are writing on the whiteboard. A desk camera could suffice.

I can concentrate on topics which the student finds difficult, working through past exam questions, during the tutorial. This enables me to offer further explanation about the subject, in the context of exam questions, rather than just cold lecturing or note taking. Subsequently students can work through questions in their own time, using tutorials to ask me for help on only those with which they have had difficulty. The more work they can do on their own, the better, especially at A level. However, at GCSE, even pupils who have difficulty working alone, benefit greatly from working through papers in my tutorials. I am patient, and accustomed to teaching students of all abilities, including some with special needs.

Although this approach is very exam centred, most students find it interesting, fun and enjoyable, especially as they begin to understand the subject more clearly and work out the correct answers for themselves. I always try to relate the content to everyday life.

My current interests include learning ukulele and amateur radio, for which I hold a full operator's licence; I act as a mentor to candidates for the Radio Society of Great Britain exams up to advanced level.

If the student is under 18, I expect a parent or responsible adult to be present in the student's home during every tutorial, including those online

Harry Cracklow - Biology, Maths, Physics & Chemistry Tutor Bexley, South London

Mr Harry Cracklow

South London

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