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Maths Functional Skills. All levels to level 2

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All prices are £25 per hour or £45 for a two hour session

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I have been teaching now for nearly twenty years and during that time I have taught from the age of 6-91. My learners have all described me as having the patience of a saint and one learner recently said " I have never met a teacher like you".

Learning is not easy for everyone and we all have difficulties in one form or another, meaning that every student needs to be treated individually. I find out about my learners and try to relate my lessons around subjects they enjoy I.e football, snooker, shopping etc.

During my work within a PRU I have observed many different types of behaviour and can see that most of this comes from frustration. This can be because of a lack of communication, resulting in misunderstandings. It is therefore important to make sure that all the basics are covered first. For Maths this would be times tables and English it would be spelling.

I graduated from South Essex College in 2012 at the age of 59. If I can do it so can others.

In June I retook my GCSE higher Maths and came away with a 3/4. Not bad for 65. This has given me a further insight as to what it is like to sit exams again and understand the trepidation that my learners go through.

Carol Wardell - 11+, Maths & English Tutor Southend on Sea, Essex

Carol Wardell


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