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Our Economics tutors offer exam preparation and past paper coaching for AQA, OCR, Edexcel, WJEC and SQA boards. To find further details of Economics private tutors you can obtain free contact details, by clicking on the links of the tutor profile. To see the charges, prices and costs of private Economics tuition click here. If you wish to register as a tutor, please visit this page. If you are unable to find a suitable tutor in your area please visit our tutoring agencies and tuition centres page.Alternatively click here Business Studies, or here Accounting to find a private tutor for related subjects.

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Mr Solomon Tissa- Kensington

Mr Solomon Tissa
  • A Level
  • Degree
  • IB
  • Earls Court
  • Paddington
  • Chelsea
  • Fulham
  • Knightsbridge
  • Westminster
  • Holland Park

Lecturer with B.Com and MSc degrees who is UK qualified. I teach Economics, Econometrics & Business for Degree, Undergraduate, A-Level & IB exams. I offer Exam guidance as well as Dissertation/ Assignment writing.
Enhanced CRB...... More

Martin Emmett- Chichester

Martin Emmett
  • Up to Degree level
  • Emsworth

I am an Economics and Business lecturer and tutor with almost 40 years' experience. I feel my strengths are being able to work with tutees to make the subjects both interesting and understandable, in order to help them achieve their full potential.... More

Economics is a popular subject chosen by students who are intending to pursue a career in banking, business or accounting. GCSE Economics is split into three units. The first unit introduces the student to the common definitions used and details the influence of Economics in markets. The second unit discusses the factors which can effect the economic market and the role that the government plays. Both units make up fifty percent of the final grade. Unit three contributes to the final fifty percent of marks. It outlines world globalisation and the effects of this at both national and international levels. It looks at the role of the government and the European Union. Local teaching can boost learning for tutees preparing for GCSE Economics courses. We list many teachers who are able to assist you in your home as well as offering online Economics tuition.

A-Level Economics outlines and assesses the student's understanding of both national and international Economics. It also introduces the role that management play in both increase and decrease of stability of the economical market. The final unit is a synoptic examination touching upon all key topics studied in previous modules.

College students requiring high grades for topics such as Applied, Higher Grade, Financial or International Economics can boost their grades with the help of private tutoring. Local Economics classes can successfully assist students to better their level of understanding, as well as help in the learning of other areas of weakness such as Economic Development, Monetarism or Regional or Urban Economics.

Students who wish to go onto into higher education to study degree level Economics can study popular modules such as Econometrics, Macroeconomics and Microeconomics. Whilst enjoyable these topics can often be challenging for some students. Personal Economics lessons can provide excellent support for undergraduates who would like help with exam or university Economics revision techniques.

Specialist Economics teachers can help postgraduate learners such as those studying MSc modules like Economic History, Health, Normative, Management, Demographic or Environmental Economics. Alternatively we have a wide range of specialist tutors who can offer proofreading services for those writing a PhD thesis.