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  • Degree Business Studies
  • IB Economics
  • Degree Economics
  • A Level Economics

Economics -(Micro/Macro/Applied), Econometrics, Statistics
Business and Financial studies

For Degree, Undergraduate exams, A-Level and
International Baccalaureate-IB exams.

Guidance in writing Assignments and Dissertations.

Price and Range:
Degree 30 (an hour)

Undergraduate 30(an hour)

A Level & IB 25 (an hour)

Personal Information:
I am qualified with B.Com Degree and MSc (Economics) Degree.
(UK qualifications)

Brief specification of the subject area for MSc (Economics) Degree:
All aspects of Macro/Micro/Applied economics, with in-depth analysis of the relevant theories, models, applications, policies and development. These include the subject areas of Economics, Econometrics, Business and Statistics, with the relevant sections of Economic Planning & Development, Labour economics, Investment analysis and Enterprise development and economic Research.

Brief specification of the subject area for B.Com Degree:
in-depth analysis of Business/Finance, Macro/Micro/Applied Economics, Banking, Monetary economics, Econometrics and Statistics, with reference to the relevant theories, models, applications and policies.

I have several years of teaching experience in the above indicated areas of Economics, Econometrics, Business and financial studies for degree level, undergraduate, A-Level and International Baccalaureate-IB students.

I assist students in writing Dissertations and Assignments.

I have been able to produce very good results in their examinations.

I tutor students with appropriate methodologies and proper guidance to exam preparations.

I gained my teaching experience in the UK and some other internationally-recognised educational institutions. I have a very good understanding of the various issues relating to students learning potentials, being able to apply effective methods in achieving the expected results.

I am also experienced in economic/business research and projects. I conducted and produced research works on development, resource utilisation, entrepreneurial feasibilities and economic development, concerning aspects of the impacts, strategies and policy considerations as relevant to the respective contexts and issues.

Economics & Business Studies Tutor Kensington, Central London - Solomon

Mr Solomon Tissa

Central London
West London

Listing type: Tutor

Distance travelled:
Up to 15 miles of SW10

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07726 270 872

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