Trish Henderson - French & Spanish Tutor St Albans, Edgware & Amersham


  • A Level French
  • A Level Spanish

A level Spanish
A level French
GCSE Spanish
GCSE French
Oxbridge preparation
CE/ Scholarship MFL

Price and Range:
�40 per hour & travel if necessary

Personal Information:
I am an experienced teacher with a wide range of knowledge about exam preparation. I am patient and positive in my approach and happy to work with any level of pupil, focusing on exam practice/technique, grammar knowledge or the spoken language. I am familiar with a wide range of A level literature and cinema, and am experienced in marking these papers. Over the years I have helped a good number of pupils with preparing for Oxbridge applications and interviews, as well as Common Entrance and Scholarships.

Listing type: Tutor

Distance travelled:
Up to 10 miles of GU5

Crb check:
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