Victoria Harris - Maths & English Tutor Buckhurst Hill, South Woodford & Walthamstow


  • KS1 & KS2 Maths
  • KS1 & KS2 English

Primary school - all years:
English - including Speaking and Listening skills

Regulation techniques for children with emotional difficulties.

English for years 7-9.

11+ reasoning

Price and Range:
As I am travelling to your home it would be £30 an hour.
If it is an hour and a half it would be £40.

Personal Information:
I have a degree in English and Theatre Studies and my PGCE was based on all subjects in Primary Schools. I love to teach children the joy of reading and writing using a variety of techniques - including drama if that suits the child. As part of this we would cover grammar and spelling techniques that would assist them in the KS2 SATS or the 11+.

My approach to Maths is to use physical representations to consolidate their understanding of the wider ideas in Maths so that they can make links to the different areas. Based on that work I then help them with problem solving and use games to help them with their recall of key facts such as times tables.

The children I have tutored made excellent progress and passed entrance exams for private schools. One child's entire attitude towards writing completely changed and he loved it so much he wrote entire stories outside of our sessions.

I believe that all children have the potential to succeed - it's just a question of finding their way and being there to help them gain the confidence in themselves.

Victoria Harris

East London

Listing type: Tutor

Distance travelled:
Up to 10 miles of IG9

All days day and eve

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07527 577 868
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