Hilda - EFL, ESOL, Violin, Maths, English, 7+ & 11+ Tutor Leeds, Pudsey, Guiseley, Chapletown & Wortley


  • Pre-School Maths
  • KS1 & KS2 Maths
  • KS1 & KS2 English
  • Pre-School English
  • Primary 11 plus
  • Primary 7 plus
  • Adult Education EFL
  • Adult Education ESOL
  • Intermediate Violin
  • Beginner Violin

Areas Covered

Foundation Stage Literacy & Numeracy

KS 1 Literacy
KS 1 Numeracy
KS 2 Literacy
KS 2 Numeracy

Other Primary Subjects

English as a Foreign Language
Adult English
Eng Conversation group Class
SATs prep Class

Beg-Int Violin

Price and Range:
Block of 4 1 to 1 tuition costs:
25 an hour, 20 for 45 minutes or 15 for 30 mins
Less for classes
Extra travel expenses incurred for distances exceeding 5 miles of my location

Lessons matched to learners' needs

Daytime holiday slots

Personal Information:
I have a broad range of teaching experience. I have successfully taught students of all ages and backgrounds ranging from those with autism, ADHD or special needs through to those who are 'gifted and talented' or with English as a second language. I have always been keen to develop a student's confidence and potential. I believe that an individual can really benefit from the tailor-made lessons that I offer. I conduct an initial assessment during the first session and then plan a series of lessons around my findings.

I have spent about 8 years teaching in KS2 and about 6 years in KS1 and Foundation Stage. I have successfully delivered phonics and have a thorough understanding of how to develop early basic skills (Early reading, writing and maths). In addition to this, I have prepared students for exams and tests as a class teacher. As music co-ordinator, I taught music across the key stage, whole class violin lessons as well as running a choir.

I am now currently working as a supply teacher in schools which I thoroughly enjoy. I work with children from nursery/foundation stage all the way up to Year 6. I teach all the National Curriculum subjects covered in Primary school. I have to be upbeat, flexible and ready for anything! It's lots of fun! It also means that I keep abreast of current educational changes of which there are many! Supply teaching also leaves me with time during the evenings to tutor.

It has given me the flexibility to teach English in English Language schools and colleges across the world. I have been lucky enough to have taught English to children and teenagers in China and Italy. I have also taught English to adults in Australia and at home here in Yorkshire too.

I am enthusiastic, hard working, flexible and friendly. I'm looking forward to working with you/your child so do please get in touch!

Whatever your objective, we can achieve it!

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All days day and eve

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07950 598 030
07950 598 030

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