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Online Biology, Chemistry & Science Tutor - Hanna Beyer -

Hanna Beyer - Online Biology, Chemistry & Science Tutor


  • All levels Biology
  • All levels Chemistry
  • All levels Science

Chemistry and Biology up to A-level, Physics up to GCSE level

Price and Range:
A-level / IB �37 per hour
GCSE level �35 per hour
KS3 and younger �32 per hour

Personal Information:
I currently tutor face-to-face and online, in all sciences. I have been tutoring on and off since 1991. Before becoming a full-time tutor I used to work in industry and academia.
I also do consultancy work for agencies to assess foreign students applying for private schools.

I am a contract science author for various companies including Revision Buddies, DigiSchool and Pearson.

My current teaching includes work for online independent schools; and working with international students preparing for entrance exams in the UK via various agencies. In addition to this I have my own students for private tutoring, ages ranging from nursery to university level.

I am also an examiner for one for the main IGCSE exam boards at O-level (GCSE-equivalent) and AS level.

My work experience and university education have prepared me well for my roles and given me the confidence to pass on my knowledge. I feel confident to deliver engaging and enjoyable lessons by creating a positive atmosphere, so that students feel encouraged to ask questions, discuss study material, and make excellent progress.

Hanna Beyer - Online Biology, Chemistry & Science Tutor

Hanna Beyer


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