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Areas Covered

A level Mathematics
A level Further Mathematics
IB Maths
Cambridge STEP (Sixth Term Examination Paper) and Oxford MAT (Maths Admissions Test)
I can also help university students with most first and second years topics

Price and Range:
I currently only teach over the internet, and charge 35 an hour.

In normal times,my rates depend on how far I have to travel:

35 an hour at my house and over the internet
45 within 5 miles of my house
50 within 10 miles of my house

Personal Information:
COVID-19 update. I am now only teaching online. The only technical requirements are a skype account and decent sized screen, ie not just a phone - an ipad or a laptop is fine.

I have a First in my undergraduate degree, a distinction in my Masters, and a PhD, all from Cambridge. I worked as a professional mathematician, and started teaching when I retired some years ago, just because I love the subject, and quickly discovered that I love teaching it too (my wife says I'd pay people to have me talk maths with them, but unfortunately you'll have to pay me instead).

I have never been a classroom teacher, but I taught and coached adults at work, and received training for it. That is one reason I stick to A level and beyond: A level students are near enough adults that my training is relevant. My wife was a school teacher, so I've had some informal training from her too.

I am active in the Mathematical Association, being, until recently, chair of its Teaching Committee and a member of Council. I occasionally have articles published in its journals.

I mostly teach students one hour a week to supplement their school's teaching, but I on occasion I have taught the whole syllabus, for example when a student's choice of A levels could not be timetabled. At the other extreme I have had some students who have just come to me from time to time when they find one particular topic hard.

I live in Prestbury with my wife and our two dogs. We have three adults children who have long since left home, but you might be lucky enough to meet our granddaughter whom we look after sometimes.

Jim Simons - A-Level & Degree Maths Tutor Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Jim Simons


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