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Home Economics courses can be spilt into two distinct categories Child Development or Food and Nutrition. A student can opt to study the GCSE Home Economics syllabus and choose from either Food and Nutrition or Child Development. At A-Level only Food and Nutrition is studied.

Personal teaching can assist learners with getting to grips with the understanding of the theory that is required to pass both the GCSE and A Level Home Economics examinations. If you require private Home Economics classes on a face to face basis or via Skype, our teachers can help you with online Home Economics tuition.

GCSE Home Economics covers the main basic fundamentals of food and nutrition theory. A general guideline involves the study of five major areas including nutrition, diet throughout life including macro nutrients and micro nutrients, health and digestion. The second topic deals with social and economic factors which influence the consumer. Food storage and preparation and the cooking of food is also studied. The fourth major area covered is food hygiene and safety where the student specifically considers organisms which cause food spoilage and poisoning. The final detailed area covered by learners are skills and techniques involved in food storage, preparation and cooking.

AS-Level Food and Nutrition covers key areas such as nutrients, health promotion, dietary planning, diet and health, food additives, media influences, design of new food products, health and safety as well as food safety and hygiene. A-Level Food and Nutrition is comprised of the study of nutritional composition of food as well as processing, product development, advantages and disadvantages of enzymes and micro-organisms and preservation methods of food, quality control and food legislation

GCSE Child Development involves the study of parenthood where the student will look at role of the family and planning a family. The second key area in the study of GCSE Child Development deals with the biological and anatomical aspect of pregnancy looking at reproduction, embryology and implantation through to labour, birth and postnatal care. Diet and health and care of the child is the third topic area studied dealing with specific areas such as care and needs of the child from the newborn, post natal care, weaning, food related problems, child health and medical needs. The next topic deals with child development including physical, intellectual, emotional and social development of the child and the role of learning and lay. The final area studied are measures involved in support for the parent and child. This includes types of support available, childcare provision, and educational and developmental provision.

College students who require assistance with exam practise or revision techniques for Higher Grade Home Economics, IB Food and Nutrition, GNVQs or BTEC / HND qualifications can equally benefit with the help of local Home Economics lessons.

University students undertaking degree Food and Nutrition at undergraduate and post graduate level a can specialise in several fields such as Food Sciences, Brewing Science, Dietetics, food marketing management / product Development and safety or Nutrition. Regardless of whether you require local Home Economics teachers for a few lessons or to help you obtain any of the above qualifications in Child Development or Food and Nutrition, plesae contact our tutors or tuition agencies.