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Our teachers offer exam preparation and past paper coaching for AQA, OCR, Edexcel, WJEC and SQA boards. To find further details of Dance private tutors you can obtain free contact details, by clicking on the links of the tutor profile. To see the charges, prices and costs of private Performing Arts tuition click here. If you wish to register as a tutor, please visit this page. If you are unable to find a suitable tutor in your area please visit our tutoring agencies and tuition centres page. Alternatively click here Music, or here Drama to find a private tutor for related subjects.

GCSE Performing Arts & Dance concentrates on three key areas. The first is performance which deals with studio practice, technical nature and the expressive natures including focus and projection. This particular module deals with personal care, sports injuries, safe practices and safety measures. The second key area of GCSE deals with choreography structure which analyses and interprets historical and social context. Here such areas as posture, alignment, co-ordination and balance are studied. The final major topic is appreciation of dance which considers style, concepts and ideas. GCSE is comprised of a written paper, practical performance of a dance and performance and choreography.

A-Level Performing Arts & Dance is comprised of choreography and performance where the student must portray knowledge and skills to perform dancing. The student must also accomplish understanding of the course including dance studio practice and set works as well as effective uses of dance and rehearsals in group choreography. The student has to plan, investigate and record dance as well as carry out a solo performance. The synoptic element of A2-Level includes set works based on dance. The set work element is dependent on the school or college where the student is studying.

Students undertaking a degree in Performing Arts can specialise in several fields which are Dance, Music, Drama and Theatre Studies at undergraduate / degree level. These can be studied as separate disciplines or be combined.

Dance lessons can also be offered by the teachers and tutoring agencies registered with us for recreational purposes and may include Ballet, Tap, Salsa, Rock and Roll and Ballroom dancing.