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  • GCSE Maths
  • A Level Maths
  • A Level Biology
  • A Level Chemistry
  • A Level Physics

Areas Covered

11plus Maths, verbal, nonverbal and GCSE/A level Maths, Physics, Biology and Chemistry. I also can help in BTEC Engineering assignments.

Price and Range:
11 plus Online: £15 per hour in the group.
11 plus Online: £30 per hour one to one

GCSE Maths £30 per hour online for one-to-one.

A-level Maths/ Chemistry/Physics £35 per hour online

Advanced payment for 8 sessions.

Personal Information:
Teaching is my passion. I like to see the improvements in the scores of the students. I have been a teaching for 30 years having been a teacher and associated with many education development projects.

I have taught GCSE/A-level Maths, Physics, and Chemistry and also university students. I have most of my students for more than one academic year with some over 5 years. My students scored 100% in A- level Maths and also achieved success at 11+ exams and popular schools admission test. My taught students scored higher marks in Chemistry and Biology, and went to Medicine and Engineering.
After discussing with parents and students, I guide, help and coach students to work on the skills gap. I share resources which I have collected over 32 years.
As there are many changes in GCSE / A-Level examination questions style, I work on the word problem, writing style and skill based questions.
I set homework, practice past papers, mock tests by negotiation and expect this to be completed so it can be marked before the next lesson. I try to synchronise the school curriculum with my lessons although it depends on the students and parents.
In conclusion it is important that I give my students and parents additional value for money and maintaining my professionalism. I am totally honest at all times when considering my student's progress and necessity for further lessons

Shreen Varma - Maths, Chemistry, Biology & Physics Tutor Palmers Green, North London

Shreen Varma

North London

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Mon-Fri Eve and Weekends only

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07770 949 506

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