Judy Clarkson - Maths, English, 11+ & Functional Skills Tutor Harringay, Tottenham, Wood Green, Stoke Newington, Walthamstow & Wood Green


  • Up to GCSE Maths
  • Up to GCSE English
  • Primary Non Verbal Reasoning
  • Primary Verbal Reasoning
  • Secondary Functional Skills

Areas Covered

Maths KS1 up to GCSE
English KS1 up to GCSE
Verbal Reasoning
Non Verbal Reasoning
11+ Entrance Exams
SATs preparation

Price and Range:
£28 per hour

Personal Information:
I'm a highly experienced tutor, BA Hons qualified. I've been tutoring for over 20 years; some of my pupils I've even taught from learning to read up to their GCSEs! Of course, much of the work I do is of more short-term focus, such as preparing for SATs or GCSEs. For other pupils, they've simply fallen behind in a classroom environment, and need some one-to-one assistance to help them to catch up.

For me the key to tutoring is to understand the needs of the individual. It's not just about instilling knowledge, but about inspiring confidence and teaching the pupil independence of thought. The rigorous new standards of GCSEs now require these skills more than ever, and in a large class at school, pupils often struggle to get the attention they need. That's where I come in! I place a priority on patience and empathy. While more able pupils will benefit from being stretched and given work beyond what they are taught at school, those who are struggling will need a slower and more gentle pace. I am always highly sensitive to a pupil's potential and to how much they can take in during each lesson.

Another service I offer is 11+ preparation. Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning are something not taught in schools, and tutored practice is invaluable along with working through sample Maths and English papers.

I have a library of teaching materials, constantly updated to match current syllabus requirements.

Much of my work is one-to-one, however I'm happy to teach two or more children together if preferred. Also, I can teach in a local library if more convenient.

'Since Judy started, my son has made significant improvements in both his reading and his written English.' Paula Greany

'I was very pleased with Judy's commitment to my daughter's success and would unreservedly recommend her.' Theresa Kemp

Judy Clarkson - Maths, English, Non Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning & Functional Skills Tutor Harringay, North London

Judy Clarkson

North London

Listing type: Tutor

Distance travelled:
Up to 5 miles of N17

All days day and eve

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07906 050 015

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