Jane Grenander - 11+, 7+, English & Maths Tutor Cobham, Leatherhead, Weybridge & Walton On Thames


  • Primary Maths
  • KS3 Maths
  • Primary English
  • Primary 11 plus
  • Primary 7 plus
  • 13 plus
  • Entrance Exams
  • Non Verbal Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning

11+ Preparation:
Non Verbal, Verbal, Maths, English, CATS, GL and CEM testing
*Pupils accepted from Year 4*

Year 6 ISEB Pre tests for Year 8 entry

Tiffin School Entrance

Intensive 11+ holiday tuition

Interview practice

Price and Range:
11+ tuition 70 per hour- covering all aspects of the exam including interview.

I also provide a detailed, specialised academic assessment for independent school choice and Tiffin suitability.
(including VR, NVR , Number and reading/spelling age) with full feedback and discussion - 3.5 hours POA

Personal Information:
I have worked in the a private prep sector and state sector for the last 20 years.I have a BSc(Hons)and PGCE.I am currently Head at a local school specialising in Maths.

I tutor from home in Cobham preparing children for entry to independent schools at 11+ /Common Entrance.I will initially assess your child's academic ability using a series of specialised tests. Using the results, I can advise you on which school they would be happiest at academically.

After careful discussion with you,I develop a programme of study for your child, dependent on the exams they will sit. They are also prepared for any interview requirements. I only accept pupils from Year 4 upwards.

I consistently have success at St Georges, Reeds, Notre Dame, RGS, Hampton, SHS, St Catherine's, Guildford High, Claremont, Tormead, St Teresa's, Halliford, Epsom College, St John's and many more. This year (Jan'23) academic scholarships were achieved at Claremont, Reeds, RGS, Notre Dame. I also have Year 6 pre-test success at Wellington, Wycombe Abbey and Cheltenham Ladies.

I tutor for the Tiffin exam. I have 100% success rate for the last four years. Again, if this is a school you are interested in, I will assess your child and advise if it is an appropriate choice.

I believe a child must be relaxed and comfortable to learn so I make my sessions fun and interactive. Squash and biscuits are provided! I provide you with a tuition record that I write in each session so you can see exactly what has been covered. I will set homework if you wish. I regularly assess and monitor your child's progress including giving you their reading and spelling age at regular intervals.

I am always happy to give advice and help you manage your child's learning. I am friendly and supportive - my relationship with parents is excellent and I support them as much as the child! We work together as a partnership. I have many, happy parents you can contact directly for a verbal or written reference.

Jane Grenander - 11+, 7+, English & Maths Tutor Cobham, Surrey

Jane Grenander


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