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Home Tutors Directory helps you to find a private Maths tutor. You can also find also search this page to find tutoring agencies across the UK.

Our Maths tutors offer exam preparation and past paper coaching for AQA, OCR, Edexcel, WJEC and SQA boards. To find further details of Maths private tutors you can obtain free contact details, by clicking on the links of the Maths tutor profile. To see the charges,prices and costs of private Maths tuition click here. If you wish to register as a tutor, please visit this page.If you are unable to find a suitable tutor in your area please visit our tutoring agencies and tuition centres page. Alternatively click here Numeracy or here Statistics to find a private tutor for related subjects.

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Dr Jonathan Hall

Dr Jonathan Hall- Islington

  • Up to A Level
  • St Johns Wood
  • Kensington
  • Maida Vale
  • Camden

I teach mathematics and physics from KS3 to KS5. I am an Oxford graduate and former research scientist. I have five... More

Helena Ferris

Helena Ferris- Potters Bar

  • KS1 & KS2
  • Barnet

I am an experienced Primary School teacher and have worked with pupils of all ages. I provide support children falling... More

Patricia Garcia

Patricia Garcia- Chester

  • KS1 & KS2
  • Ellesmere Port

I am a year 6 teacher with 12 years experience of teaching. I offer tuition for all subjects at primary level. I also... More

Mrs Bukola Ajani

Mrs Bukola Ajani- Dartford

  • KS1 & KS2
  • Gravesend
  • Gillingham
  • Rochester
  • Swanley
  • Chatham
  • Greenhithe

I have a Chemistry degree, a PGCE and a Masters degree in education. I have been teaching in secondary schools for the... More

Ms Marta Golemi

Ms Marta Golemi- Redbridge

  • Up to GCSE
  • Havering
  • Barking
  • Dagenham

I am a confident and experienced maths teacher of nearly twenty years. I am a very patient teacher who always explain... More

Samuel Thewlis

Samuel Thewlis- Taunton

  • Up to A Level

    A friendly and approachable service, aimed at helping you find out where you are stuck and overcoming your points of... More

    Mr Tom Duncan

    Mr Tom Duncan- Weybridge

    • A Level
    • Shepperton
    • Walton on Thames
    • Esher

    I am a retired Deputy Headteacher and teacher of Physics and Mathematics and have been offering private tuition in both... More

    Robert Edwards

    Robert Edwards- Romford

    • KS3
    • GCSE
    • AS Level
    • A Level
    • Adult Education
    • Upminster
    • Hornchurch
    • Havering
    • Redbridge

    I have been offering tutoring since 1987 specialising in Maths up to A-Level and I provide tuition for students at my... More

    Amit Gujral

    Amit Gujral- Redbridge

    • KS1 & KS2
    • KS3

      I have a unique approach in my tutoring where I place importance on attention to details in gaining a thorough... More

      Mr Mark Kudlowski

      Mr Mark Kudlowski- Bury

      • Up to GCSE
      • IGCSE
      • Bolton
      • Rochdale

      I graduated with a Maths BSc from the Open University in 2004, and have tutored over 120 pupils to date. I can tailor my... More

      David Bell

      David Bell- Dorchester

      • GCSE
      • A Level
      • Lyme Regis
      • Weymouth
      • Axminster
      • Ottery St Mary
      • Taunton
      • Bridport
      • Bournemouth

      I've been working for over 20 years as a physicist/engineer and work part-time for a local based company. Previous... More

      Esme Harris

      Esme Harris- Bounds Green

      • KS1 & KS2
      • KS3
      • Palmers Green
      • Muswell Hill
      • Wood Green
      • Southgate

      I would like to enable children to achieve higher or to gain what is expected. I am extremely passionate about one to... More

      Jane Grenander

      Jane Grenander- Weybridge

      • KS3
      • Primary
      • Leatherhead
      • Esher
      • Cobham
      • Walton on Thames

      I have vast experience of working as a primary teacher and offer private lessons to pupils from local schools including... More

      Mrs Ruth White

      Mrs Ruth White- Crewe

      • KS1 & KS2
      • KS3
      • Middlewich
      • Macclesfield
      • Congleton
      • Knutsford
      • Sandbach
      • Alderley Edge

      *Full time tutor *Qualified Primary School Teacher (over 16 years experience in schools). *Experience with SEN... More

      Mr David Sharpe

      Mr David Sharpe- Bournemouth

      • KS3
      • GCSE
      • A Level
      • Christchurch
      • Poole

      BSc qualified, PGCE, CRB checked. 33 years teaching 33 years teaching Physics, Science and Mathematics and one-to-one... More

      Dr Cathy Beck

      Dr Cathy Beck- Nottingham

      • KS1 & KS2
      • West Bridgford

      I have a degree in English from Oxford and have been a qualified primary school teacher since 1983. I also have a PhD in... More

      Margaret Harrison

      Margaret Harrison- Newcastle Upon Tyne

      • Up to GCSE
      • Blyth
      • Cramlington
      • Morpeth
      • North Tyneside

      I provide tutoring in the pupil's home from reception up to GCSE level, as well as those with disabilities, providing... More

      Ms Vivienne Strayton

      Ms Vivienne Strayton- Oxford

      • Pre-School
      • KS1 & KS2
      • Abingdon
      • Witney

      I am a well qualified teacher, with experience of teaching in primary schools, FE colleges and education centres for... More

      Mr Stephen Claridge

      Mr Stephen Claridge- Nottingham

      • Up to GCSE
      • Derby
      • Matlock
      • Chesterfield
      • Ilkeston
      • Alfreton
      • Sutton in Ashfield
      • Hucknall
      • Belper
      • Mansfield

      I hold a B.Sc. and M.Sc in the Behvioural Sciences. I have taught Psychology and Sociology to GCSE, A level, Access to... More

      Kip McGrath - Newburn and Westerhope

      Kip McGrath - Newburn and Westerhope- Newcastle Upon Tyne

      • Up to GCSE
      • Ponteland

      The new Kip Mcgrath Education Centres - Newburn and Westerhope is run by Centre Director Helen Armstrong, who has had... More

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      Similar in comparison to English and Science KS1, KS2 and KS3 Maths is a compulsory subject taught in schools from years 1 - 11. Primary Maths is commonly also referred to as Numeracy within the national curriculum.

      GCSE Mathematics is a very popular subject sought after by employers, most of who require a grade C or above. Many students can find GCSE Maths courses demanding and may have difficultly with the major areas such as Algebra, Shape, Handling Data or Number.

      Local teaching can lend excellent support to supplement a student's understanding of KS4 / GCSE Maths or A-Level Maths. There are eight modules that a student needs to complete to obtain an A-level in Maths. These are comprised of Pure, Core, Mechanics, Decision and Statistics. The Core topics amount to four modules in total and are compulsory as well as one Statistics module. Depending on the school or college a student can choose any one from the remaining modules which are Statistics, Mechanics and Decision modules. Finding a Maths tutor with us is a great place to start if you are a student having difficultly grasping concepts in the above modules or are a Scottish Standard or Higher Grade Maths student. Alternatively we have many tutors who offer coaching for online Maths tuition.

      Local Maths classes can be very helpful in offering exam practice for primary and secondary students who wish to brush up on topics like arithmetic or calculus. We can also help adult learners requiring basic skills tutoring. Private Maths lessons can help a student with past paper practise as well as university Maths revision techniques.

      Many students who go onto study degree level Maths at university or participate in postgraduate study such as a MSc or PhD can achieve excellent results with the help of specialist personal Maths teachers.

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