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Home Tutors Directory helps you to find a private Maths tutor. You can also find also search this page to find tutoring agencies across the UK.

Our Maths tutors offer exam preparation and past paper coaching for AQA, OCR, Edexcel, WJEC and SQA boards. To find further details of Maths private tutors you can obtain free contact details, by clicking on the links of the Maths tutor profile. To see the charges,prices and costs of private Maths tuition click here. If you wish to register as a tutor, please visit this page.If you are unable to find a suitable tutor in your area please visit our tutoring agencies and tuition centres page. Alternatively click here Numeracy or here Statistics to find a private tutor for related subjects.

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Mrs Diane Kirk

Mrs Diane Kirk- York

  • KS1 & KS2
  • KS3

    I am highly qualified with a Masters degree in education, as well as a Literacy and Dyslexia Post Graduate Certficate. I... More

    Mr Peter Wood

    Mr Peter Wood- Newark on Trent

    • Up to GCSE
    • Southwell
    • Grantham
    • Nottingham
    • Sleaford
    • Lincoln

    I am 53, fully qualified, teacher (B.Ed Hons)with Enhanced CRB living in Newark-on-Trent. I have over 13 years... More

    Dr Meena Dhuna

    Dr Meena Dhuna- Harrow

    • Primary
    • Brent
    • Pinner
    • Kenton
    • Wembley

    I am a highly qualified Science tutor covering Biology, Chemistry and Physics up to GCSE. I have a PhD in Pharmaceutical... More

    Mow Moghaddam

    Mow Moghaddam- Barnet

    • KS3
    • GCSE
    • A Level
    • Finchley

    I am a qualified and experienced Maths teacher. My tuition is based on students needs and requirement.I would teach A... More

    Mrs Patricia Satterly

    Mrs Patricia Satterly- Mansfield

    • KS1 & KS2
    • KS3
    • Mansfield Woodhouse
    • Hucknall
    • Sutton in Ashfield
    • Ravenshead
    • Kirkby In Ashfield
    • Warsop
    • Southwell
    • Ollerton

    I am a patient,calm and methodical tutor with 16 years tutoring experience with children of all ages from 4-16 years. I... More

    Susan McEntee

    Susan McEntee- Nottingham

    • Up to A Level
    • Eastwood

    Mathematics tuition for all ages and levels... More


    Emre- Islington

    • GCSE
    • Up to A Level
    • Chelsea
    • Kensington
    • Notting Hill
    • Hampstead

    I offer a detailed level of teaching enabling students to obtain a maximum amount in a short space of time. I specialise... More

    Mr Graham Breeds

    Mr Graham Breeds- Manchester

    • Up to Degree level
    • Withington
    • Fallowfield
    • Longsight
    • Rusholme
    • Levenshulme
    • Didsbury
    • Stockport

    I tutor to GCSE, A level Maths (Pure, Statistics, Mechanics, Decision) and university level. I am a qualified teacher... More

    David Isaacs

    David Isaacs- Portsmouth

    • Up to A Level
    • Lee on the Solent
    • Hamble
    • Waterlooville
    • Fareham

    I offer a friendly and useful private tuition service specialising in maths and physics for GCSE, A-levels and... More

    Mrs Jennifer Kerrin

    Mrs Jennifer Kerrin- Belfast

    • KS1 & KS2
    • Newtownards
    • Dundonald
    • Bangor

    I am a retired principal of a primary school, with over 20 years experience teaching children of all ages, especially 11... More

    Mrs Lorraine Levine

    Mrs Lorraine Levine- Leicester

    • Primary
    • Lutterworth
    • Kegworth
    • Wigston Magna
    • Oadby

    I have a BMUS (Hons), PGCE, PGCE in Drama Ed, Numbers Count Certificate and have attended Dyslexia and Dyspraxia courses... More

    Sophie Deeble

    Sophie Deeble- Epsom

    • KS1 & KS2
    • Ewell

    As a Teacher, I have taught across both Key Stage 1 and 2 and have a good knowledge of the curriculum which I find... More

    Joanna Bovill

    Joanna Bovill- Basingstoke

    • Pre-School
    • KS1 & KS2
    • Winchester
    • Brockenhurst
    • Stockbridge
    • Andover

    I am a primary school teacher with 8 years experience teaching children aged 3-11 years a range of subjects across the... More

    Dr Christopher Spencer

    Dr Christopher Spencer- Weybridge

    • Up to Degree level
    • Staines
    • Woking
    • Leatherhead
    • Walton on Thames
    • Esher
    • Shepperton

    I have long experience of offering private tuition in Maths and Science. My students generally respond well to my... More

    John Holmes

    John Holmes- Southend on Sea

    • GCSE
    • Benfleet
    • Billericay
    • Basildon
    • Grays
    • Rayleigh
    • Thurrock
    • Brentwood

    I am a very experienced teacher who has tutored privately for 10 years, achieving excellent results.I graduated from the... More

    Mr Sultan Ahmed

    Mr Sultan Ahmed- Trafford

    • Up to AS Level
    • Stockport
    • Oldham
    • Hyde
    • Manchester
    • Didsbury
    • Sale
    • Ashton under Lyne
    • Chorlton cum Hardy

    I am an East Anglia post-graduate (MA double) , with more than 20 years' experience in teaching/tutoring in England (in... More

    Lepton Education

    Lepton Education- Croydon

    • Up to A Level
    • Watford
    • Luton
    • Ampthill
    • Greenwich
    • Hatfield
    • Dunstable
    • Bedford
    • Stevenage
    • Shefford

    High quality specialist tuition at very low cost. 25 per hour, 40 per week or 100 per month unlimited With our... More

    Mr Michael Robinson

    Mr Michael Robinson- Barking

    • Up to A Level
    • Brentwood
    • Dagenham
    • Gravesend
    • Basildon
    • Maidstone
    • Colchester
    • Dartford
    • Waltham Forest
    • Romford

    I have been teaching/tutoring for more than 12 years. You can easily get As and A*s with the right guidance and... More

    Daryl Rugless

    Daryl Rugless- Bromley

    • Up to A Level
    • Bexley
    • Croydon
    • Chislehurst
    • Beckenham

    I have an LSE degree in BSc Accounting and Finance, I have enjoyed tutoring for 4 years and currently am a full time... More

    Jadranka Berry

    Jadranka Berry- Bishops Stortford

    • KS1 & KS2
    • Hertford
    • Ware
    • Buntingford
    • Broxbourne

    I am an experienced primary school teacher. Having spent over 20 years of teaching I have developed a wealth of... More

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    Similar in comparison to English and Science KS1, KS2 and KS3 Maths is a compulsory subject taught in schools from years 1 - 11. Primary Maths is commonly also referred to as Numeracy within the national curriculum.

    GCSE Mathematics is a very popular subject sought after by employers, most of who require a grade C or above. Many students can find GCSE Maths courses demanding and may have difficultly with the major areas such as Algebra, Shape, Handling Data or Number.

    Local teaching can lend excellent support to supplement a student's understanding of KS4 / GCSE Maths or A-Level Maths. There are eight modules that a student needs to complete to obtain an A-level in Maths. These are comprised of Pure, Core, Mechanics, Decision and Statistics. The Core topics amount to four modules in total and are compulsory as well as one Statistics module. Depending on the school or college a student can choose any one from the remaining modules which are Statistics, Mechanics and Decision modules. Finding a Maths tutor with us is a great place to start if you are a student having difficultly grasping concepts in the above modules or are a Scottish Standard or Higher Grade Maths student. Alternatively we have many tutors who offer coaching for online Maths tuition.

    Local Maths classes can be very helpful in offering exam practice for primary and secondary students who wish to brush up on topics like arithmetic or calculus. We can also help adult learners requiring basic skills tutoring. Private Maths lessons can help a student with past paper practise as well as university Maths revision techniques.

    Many students who go onto study degree level Maths at university or participate in postgraduate study such as a MSc or PhD can achieve excellent results with the help of specialist personal Maths teachers.

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