Say Ali - Maths, English, 11+, Science (Biology, Chemistry & Physics), Literacy & Numeracy Tutor Birmingham, Solihull, Sutton Coldfield, Harborne, Erdington & Aston


  • Up to A Level Maths
  • Up to GCSE English
  • 11 plus
  • Up to A Level Biology
  • Up to A Level Chemistry
  • Up to GCSE Physics
  • Up to A Level Science
  • Up to GCSE English Literature
  • All levels Literacy
  • All levels Numeracy

Key Stage 1 to 3 Maths, English, Science.
GCSE Maths, English, Science, Combined Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology.
A-Level Maths, Chemistry, Biology.
11 Plus,
13 Plus,
English for speakers of other languages.

Price and Range:
GCSE Maths 20 per hour.
GCSE English 20 per hour.
GCSE Science 20 per hour.
GCSE Physics 20 per hour.
GCSE Chemistry 20 per hour.
GCSE Biology 20 per hr.
A-Level Maths 25 per hr.
A-Level Chemistry 25 per hr.
A-Level Biology 25 per hr

Personal Information:
My tuition/teaching style:
I work with the student. My tuition style is dependent on the student. It's individually tailored to meet the requirements of the individual student. No two students are the same. Every person is an individual and likewise so is every student. Every student has their own particular individual strengths and weaknesses. I work to ensure that every student achieves their very best. Hence I have over 20 years of success and fantastic results.

My qualifications:
I have a masters degree.

My experience:
I have over 20 years experience offering private tuition to students of various ages, levels, backgrounds, races, religions, ambitions and aspirations.

I tutor in all areas of Birmingham and the West Midlands. And online to students anywhere in the UK and the world.

My personal message to students is:
work hard, be positive and ensure you ask for help when you need it. If you need my help I am always here for you supporting you in every way that I can.

Listing type: Tutor

Distance travelled:
Over 20 miles of B6

All days day and eve

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07956 063 822
07956 063 822

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