Sarah Fulton-Urry - SpLD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia & Dyscalculia Tutor Reading, Wokingham, Bracknell, Earley & Caversham


  • Up to A Level Dyslexia
  • Up to A Level SpLD
  • Up to A Level Dyspraxia
  • KS1 & KS2 Dyscalculia

Phonics, reading, writing, spelling, memory and organisational skills for Dyslexia.

Price and Range:
45 per hour for Specialist SpLD Teaching tailored to each 'Learners' individual needs.

Personal Information:
I am a SpLD trained teacher with an OCR Level 5 Diploma in Teaching Learners with Dyslexia/Specific Learning Difficulties. I am a Member of Patoss and am DBS certified.

I have been teaching individual pupils on a 1-2-1 basis at a large boys public school and also at a specific club (open at weekends) set up to provide for children with specific learning difficulties mainly Dyslexia/Dyscalculia and ADHD. I have some lovely references from parents of boys at the school with whom I have worked over a 3 1/2 year period. I also have great references from teachers with whom I have worked alongside the boys, on a daily basis, helping them to fulfil their full potential in not only their learning but with their self confidence and self esteem too.

I am a very upbeat and positive teacher who works with many different styles and techniques to help my pupils to learn in a positive, humourous, uplifting educational atmosphere. I like my pupils to feel positive about their learning and to feel that they 'can do' rather than that they feel that they 'can't'! There is always another way to do things we just have to 'teach the way they learn".

I also teach privately with pupils of differing ages from ages 7 up to and including GCSE/A Level pupils. I also help older students with Study Skills when and where needed.
Currently I am teaching my students via Zoom until we are able to meet again in person.
I look forward to speaking with you about your child's specific learning needs.

Sarah Fulton-Urry - SpLD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia & Dyscalculia Tutor Reading, Berkshire

Sarah Fulton-Urry


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Mon-Fri Eve and Weekends only

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07967 302 522
07967 302 522

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