Sarah Mawby - Maths Tutor York


  • Up to GCSE Maths

Areas Covered

  • York
  • and surroundings

SATS, 11+/13+ Common Entrance and GCSE maths

Price and Range:
28 an hour or 125 for 5 lessons payable after the first lesson (working out at 25/ hour).

Personal Information:
I qualified as a teacher in 1993 and have been teaching in schools and/ or tutoring ever since. I have taught in Independent Schools and State Schools and have been Head of Maths in two Independent Prep Schools. I have prepared children throughout my entire career for some level of exams and am adept at getting the best out of them.
I love teaching and gain great satisfaction from helping students grow in self-confidence and become independent learners. Maths can be a particularly tricky subject for many people and initially getting past the barriers created through periods of struggle in school is key. Many people can deliver the maths syllabus but unless the lack of self-belief is addressed it is hard to make progress. I believe I am effective at pointing out progress and celebrating it and handling difficulties with reassurance and a lot of humour.
I am organised, reliable and punctual. There is nothing worse than spending time arranging tutoring and then being let down at the end of it.

Listing type: Tutor

Distance travelled:
Up to 20 miles of YO23

All days day and eve

Crb check:
I have a Crb Check [Help]

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