Sami Verebes - French, Maths, English, German, History & Spanish Tutor Coventry, Rugby, Daventry, West Haddon


  • Up to GCSE Maths
  • Up to GCSE English
  • KS3 History
  • Primary French
  • A Level French
  • Primary Spanish
  • KS3 Spanish
  • Up to GCSE German

Areas Covered

I teach A level French, GCSE English, KS4 German,KS3 Maths,Sciences,Spanish and primary students.

Price and Range:
I can teach at your home or business or through the internet whatever suits you best.
For home tutoring : 25 to 30/hour depending on level and distance travelled.
For students through internet: 20 to 25/hour depending on level.

Personal Information:
I have lived in different countries in which I obtained degrees in various fields : first a degree in Electronics and Mechanics followed by a degree in Literature, Languages ,Media in France then I have obtained a degree in Education in England. I have been a businessman for international companies before being a teacher / tutor and I understand perfectly the transferable skills needed by students in the work environment.
I have travelled the world and learned to adapt to various cultures and people which gives me a unique insight of how people learn.

I have a solid educational foundation and a passion for languages, culture, history , literature and ! I often relax by cooking meals from various countries which do not always end up the way I wanted !
My students will tell you that I am extremely enthusiastic and passionate about teaching and learning ,which enables me to adapt my lessons to the needs of my students, be they primary, secondary or professionals.
I like fun and pacy lessons and , although I can be demanding , I do not shy away from having laughs during the lessons but results are my main priority.

Listing type: Tutor

Distance travelled:
Up to 20 miles of CV21

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Mon-Fri Evenings

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07967 197 668

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