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  • GCSE Maths
  • KS3 Maths
  • Numeracy
  • Up to GCSE Functional Skills

Areas Covered

Mathematics: A level "Core" Maths, GCSE, QTS NUMERACY, KS3,

Price and Range:
27 per hour- 270 for ten sessions paid in advance.
(or 30 weekly, 10th lesson free)

Payments can be made by card, bank transfer, cheque or cash.

Personal Information:
Formerly a teacher, subject co-ordinator and year leader in an oustandingly successful Northumberland Middle School. I work from a student-centred approach that combines 20 years classroom experience with insights from non-formal education. I use interactive and multi-sensory methods which help students to acquire problem solving strategies while boosting their subject skills and knowledge. Games and practical activities are used alongside work on whiteboards and from exercises. Students are encouraged to take an active part in decisions about what to study and I liaise closely with a student's school teachers in order to know what areas to focus on. I think I have a knack of making students feel more at ease with Mathematics which enables them to improve their confidence and skill levels rapidly.

Maths Coordinator, Wensleydale Middle School, BLYTH
Leading Mathematics Teacher, Northumberland

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Real Tuition

Covid-19 secure home tuition- contact for more details.

30 per hour or 10 sessions for 270

Virtual Tuition

Using "Zoom" for a reduced price. With a tablet, laptop or phone, this recreates the experience of sitting side by side with a tutor very effectively.

25 per hour or 10 sessions for 220

2019 Testimonial

Rob has tutored our son over the last 3 years. He has restored our son's confidence in his own mathematical ability, which has resulted in him receiving a fantastic grade in his GCSE today despite the new tougher exams. In the beginning he really took the time to understand our son's learning style, adapted the lesson accordingly and added an element of fun each time - who knew you could do so much GCSE Maths using an Easter Egg! He finds out what the school is doing and tailors his tutor sessions to compliment school lessons. Rob has a lovely friendly and firm but fair approach, is totally invested in his pupils and we trusted him 100%.

Parent, Bedlington

Robert Judge  - Numeracy, Functional Skills & Maths Tutor Cramlington, Northumberland

Rob Judge BSc MEd


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