Robert Neil Smith - Classical Civilisation, Classical Studies, History, Modern Studies, Art History & Politics Tutor St Andrews, Dundee, Fife, Glenrothes, Perth & Kirkcaldy


  • Up to Post graduate level Classical Civilisation
  • Up to Post graduate level Classical Studies
  • Up to Post graduate level History
  • Up to Degree level Modern Studies
  • Up to Degree level Politics
  • Up to Post graduate level Art History

Areas Covered

I teach across the Liberal Arts from A-Level/Higher through PhD. My subjects include History, Politics, Sociology, Classics, and any course or assignment where clear writing is essential.

Price and Range:
I charge 50/hour, which includes any prep I have to do, travel, books I need to purchase and read, supplies etc.

Personal Information:
Hello, I am Neil Smith. I hold a PhD in History, a Masters in History, and an MA (Hons) in Classics & Mediaeval History. I have written three books with another forthcoming in 2021. I have taught for over twenty years in various capacities: as a teacher at an American university where I won teaching awards; as an Academic Advisor to student-athletes in the USA where I worked with hundreds of international students; as a tutor for tutoring agencies in Oxford, England; and as a private tutor, working with students from Italy to Berlin to local universities and schools. I am very good at what I do: I have taken students from A-Level through their Degrees and into post-graduate work; my last two students to do that achieved a First on their Degrees at Durham University. But I also work at the other end of the spectrum too, with students who are struggling to understand the basics and need help to make progress in their assignments. The key is that you set the goals and we work towards achieving them.

My teaching method is very simple. We work together to build on the skills you already possess to achieve your goals. I focus heavily on writing to that end, though I try to read everything you have to on your course. To start, I ask for a writing sample and conduct an assessment, identifying the problems, then I establish a plan to fix them while teaching you to be a better writer. We then work on papers and assignments, making step-by-step progress - rinse and repeat - it is that simple.

When not tutoring, I write. My current major project is on the Romans in Scotland, but I also write articles on military history and I review books for military history publishers. I also look after two chinchillas (Flo & Bella) and paint miniature soldiers.

Robert Neil Smith - Classical Civilisation, Classical Studies, History, Modern Studies, Art History & Politics Tutor St Andrews, East Scotland

Robert Neil Smith

East Scotland

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Over 20 miles of KY16

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