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Adults - Beginners, intermediate or advanced
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Price and Range:
Online tuition - 30/ hour
Private Tuition - 35/hour
GCSE - 35
A - Level 40

Personal Information:
I am a native, experienced, conscientious Spanish Teacher.

To be a positive influence on the development of a child or to be part of the progress of an individual is very fulfilling to me and it is this that attracted me to a career in teaching. Having my own children gave me a sense of responsibility about their future which led me in later years to prepare my own three daughters for GCSE and A levels in Spanish, obtaining very good results. This was one of the most rewarding achievements. Now teaching Spanish for over 20 years, I am still fascinated by the variety that teaching presents and the fact that each student is unique. I have learnt the importance of making information accessible to individuals of different abilities, being creative through the use of games, culture and music. Above all, I am passionate about teaching Spanish and as a native who has travelled internationally, am conscious of the importance of a second language. My background as a science professional, from a developed country with social and geographical issues, gives richness to my experience and the ability to teach Spanish at a high level. I offer integrity, compassion and am wholehearted and persistent in what I do.

Rina Parry - Spanish Tutor Ascot, Berkshire

Rina Parry


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