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33 - 43 per hour.
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I have a 40 year career at the very top of the English teaching profession. After 18 years as a teacher, as a Head of Department in three schools and as an Assistant Head Teacher, I became a lecturer in Initial Teacher Education in one of the largest teacher training establishments in Europe.

Since 2001, I have trained over 1500 English teachers in Scotland, and my innovative techniques have become staple strategies in many, many schools. Since leaving Higher Education in 2017, I have been an educational consultant, helping schools initiate major changes in behaviour management policy from Aberdeenshire to Watford. I have also returned to the classroom, teaching English at a top independent school.

I am active in the National Association for the Teaching of English, the national body for English teaching, and coordinate the organisation's professional development activities in Scotland. I deliver in-service to teachers of English on a range of curricular matters, both at meetings and online; a recent webinar on RUAE had over 1000 signups. I am a hugely renowned English teacher, and many of my widely adopted strategies have been honed in one-to-one tutoring sessions to address the specific needs of individual students.

I have an Honours degree in English Literature and Philosophy (1981), a Masters degree in Education (1991) and a Postgraduate Certificate in Philosophy with Children (2018). I am also a BAFTA, Robert Louis Stevenson and Scottish Arts Council Award winning creative writer.

Tutoring is an environment in which both I and my students thrive. I look forward to meeting you soon!

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Up to 10 miles of PA19

Mon-Fri only day and eve

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