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On-line GCSE and A level maths exam preparation.

Price and Range:
GCSE Maths 30 an hour

A level Maths 35 an hour

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Personal Information:
I have a degree (2:1) in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Bath and Qualified Teacher Status (Warwick University). After some years in industry I spent 10 years as a secondary school classroom teacher and have 7 years experience as a GCSE and A level examiner specialising in the Core Maths modules. I have been offering online tuition for four years

I tutor using an on-line classroom and mainly work with school-age and adult students during the months leading up to their exams. We use exam questions and papers to identify and fix issues and also to improve exam technique so that the student can get the marks they deserve. I've had very good feedback from students - some of whom would admit to being a bit maths-phobic at the start - and my aim is that my students go into the exam feeling as confident as possible.

Rachel Cave - Online GCSE, AS & A-Level Maths Tutor

Rachel Cave

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