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A level maths, higher level GCSE for students in their final two years

Price and Range:
30 per hour for 1 hour of tuition per week. 25 per hour if more than 1 hour per week is needed.

Personal Information:
I was Head of Mathematics at Wimbledon for twenty years before taking early retirement. I have also taught at Dulwich College and Trinity School Croydon. I now do some voluntary A level teaching at Sutton Grammar School.

I have written five maths textbooks, covering both A level and GCSE. I enjoy teaching very much and believe I am skilled at explaining the subject simply and clearly. I have an excellent record of exam success.

I like to get to know my students personally, and have kept in touch with many after they have left and gone to university.

Philip Holt - Maths Tutor Sutton, South London

Philip Holt

South London

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All days day and eve

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020 8641 3201

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