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Primary: Maths.

GCSE: Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Maths.

A-Level: Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Maths.

University: Degree Level Chemistry (I also assist with a range of other science and mathematical degree oriented courses such as Pharmacy, Forensic Science, Engineering etc).

I frequently can also assist in studies such as Geology etc which contain a significant maths and science content.

Price and Range:
My basic charges include travel to the home of the student and a full hour of tuition on site:

Primary: 20/hour,
GCSE: 25/hour,
A-Level: 30/hr,
University: 40/hr.

The minimal charging period is one hour due to the issues of travelling to and from your location.

I try to be as flexible as possible with the occasional situation of the need to rearrange lessons, accepting that this is a two way process which can involve unexpected factors such as illness etc!

Personal Information:
I have a degree in Chemistry and a D.Phil from Oxford University and have been a home tutor now for 28 years. During this time I have developed a kind, patient and supportive tutoring style that gently encourages even the most reluctant and least confident student to achieve far beyond what they ever thought was possible! I work in close liason with (ideally) the mother to develop the tuition style, and she is always welcome to sit in or discreetly monitor the lessons, a process which gives the student added confidence. The tuition lesson should always be great fun for the student who should always emerge from the lesson with a feeling of achievement and enhanced confidence and well being! I often tutor families from the age of 6 up until the age of 18 and beyond. My influence has become developed to the extent that I have been successful in returning excluded students happily back into full time education! In order to achieve these goals, I specialise not only in the tuition of the subject, but also assist in the development of the whole individual, guiding, and inspiring each student to be the "best they can be". This is achieved by dealing with additional aspects such as organisational skills, careers counselling, revision, and confidence building.I never forget the immense privilege that exists with being tasked in assisting your son or daughter's education, and am always aware that I hold their hopes and dreams in my hands. Having gone to Oxford myself, it can be seen that I can also assist in this goal, wherever possible.

Oxford Graduate Tutor - Maths, Chemistry, Biology & Physics Tutor Taunton, Somerset

Oxford Graduate Tutor


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