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  • Up to GCSE Maths
  • A Level Maths
  • A Level Further Maths
  • A Level Physics
  • Up to GCSE Physics

GCSE and A-level Mathematics, including Mechanics, Statistics, and Further Pure maths.

GCSE and A-level Physics.

Price and Range:
30 per hour for A-level, 25 per hour for GCSE. Lessons can be one hour, or an hour and a half, or two hours.

I also offer block bookings of 260 for ten hours of A-level, and 230 for ten hours of GCSE.

Personal Information:
I have been providing tuition in maths and physics for a number of years now, with successful results. I take pride in explaining topics clearly, and also showing pupils how to take notes so that they can revise independently later; I think the importance of this is sometimes overlooked, leading some students to become overly dependent on their teacher or tutor. With my experience I am often able to anticipate where pupils are most likely to need help, so I always begin by making sure a pupil has sufficient prior knowledge to begin a topic.

In maths lessons, I have my own explanations for topics, and I will either work from past exam questions, or questions I write myself. One difficulty many pupils have is recognising what kind of maths is needed to answer a question, so I spend a lot of time addressing this. In physics, I sometimes carry out demonstrations of principles, using everyday equipment.

As well as the support I give pupils during lessons, I am keen to encourage pupils to make progress independently, by giving them homework and working through questions by themselves; and encouraging them to look back in their own notes when they need reminding of how to do a task. I also invite pupils to contact me by email if they need assistance between lessons, rather than waiting for my next visit; this is especially important near the time of exams.

Oliver Matley - Maths & Physics Tutor, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire

Oliver Matley

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