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  • Degree Physics
  • A Level Physics

Areas Covered

A Level and first year university Physics.

Price and Range:
24 per hour, but 75 minutes considered optimum time for a lesson. Fee covers selection of questions and marking of the answers (outside lesson-time). Modest travelling expenses if teaching outside Exeter region.

Personal Information:
The former Head of Physics at a large independent school, I am now a principal examiner (paper setter, mark-scheme deviser and marker) in A-level Physics for a UK exam board.

My tuition style is interactive with no long sermons. I use simple apparatus to demonstrate where possible. The student leaves a session with notes and often with one or two exam-style questions, chosen in advance to reinforce understanding. Answers are marked promptly on receipt. I cater both for high flyers and for those finding the work harder, for students needing foundations rebuilt to those who need just the subtler points explained. I like to think that my enthusiasm for the subject, and for teaching it, comes across. Without resorting to bribery, I've received rather a lot of praise...

In the last few years I have taught students for the relatively straightforward AQA and OCRA examinations, for the delightfully eccentric OCRB, and for the quite challenging Oxford PAT.

Nigel Wood - Physics Tutor Exeter, Devon

Mr Nigel Wood


Listing type: Tutor

Distance travelled:
Up to 20 miles of EX5

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01392 841 185

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