Mishu Jahur - Maths Tutor Haringey, Holloway, Arsenal, Finsbury Park & Seven Sisters


  • Up to GCSE Maths


Price and Range:
KS2 and KS3: 18
GCSE and A'level :20

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My name is Mishu and I am a recent Maths graduate with a 1st class masters from Queen Mary University of London. I'm keen on helping my students achieve the best they can because I personally believe that every student is capable of achieving greatness with the right amount of work and guidance. I'm an experienced tutor, as I have tutored with the organisation Team Up, and was also a maths mentor in college.


English language A
English literature A*
Mathematics A*
Biology A*
Chemistry A*
Physics A*
Spanish A
History A

Mathematics A*
Biology B
Chemistry B

Mishu Jahur - Maths  Tutor Haringey, North London

Mishu Jahur

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Listing type: Tutor

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Up to 5 miles of N7

Mon-Fri Eve and Weekends only

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07484 820 910
020 7607 0420

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