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GCSE English Language
GCSE English Literature
KS3 English

Price and Range:
KS3: £20 an hour
GCSE: £30 an hour

Personal Information:
Iím a friendly, approachable and highly experienced English teacher, with a proven track record of excellent GCSE results. I have taught in mainstream schools and have done lots of 1-2-1 tuition; you are in safe hands with me!

Given the fairly recent changes in the GCSE spec, itís more challenging than ever to secure the grades you want - I have successfully negotiated these changes, and have now seen two cohorts through the new-style exams (across the full range of abilities).

Iíve found that exam technique is absolutely crucial, as is creative flair and technical accuracy - this is why part of my teaching involves doing my own model answers for every type of question (both reading and writing). After all, can you really bake the best cake without seeing what itís supposed to look like in the end?

When you invest in a home tutor, you will want value for money - and a return on your investment! I can promise that. This, however, does depend on the studentís commitment beyond the sessions. Itís also really important not to contradict the studentís own English teacher - I like to work alongside their teaching, not against it.

If you are after someone who knows what theyíre doing, then I could be the tutor youíre looking for. However, if we meet and you/the student feels Iím not the best fit, thatís absolutely fine! I look forward to hearing from you.

Michelle da Silva Willis - GCSE English Tutor Liverpool, Merseyside

Michelle da Silva Willis

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