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  • Primary Maths
  • Up to GCSE English
  • A Level French
  • All levels Piano
  • All levels Music
  • All levels Music Theory
  • All levels Singing
  • All levels Violin
  • All levels Viola
  • All levels Autism

Violin, viola, piano, Keyboard, recorder, singing, oboe, music theory, French, curriculum support.

Price and Range:
30 Per Hour online or at my studio. Face to face is with additional travel costs.

Personal Information:
I am a qualified teacher ( also holding a Masters Degree in Special Needs) with 23 years experience as a tutor, classroom teacher, head of department and now the manager of Calm C's.
I started playing violin and recorder at the age of 6 and progressed to Grade 8 by secondary school. I also began piano and viola. I studied for a music degree, then a P.G.C.E and later on a Masters Degree in Special Needs.
Over the last 20 years I taught music and French in the classroom, been a Head of Department, and taught in pupil referral units with excluded pupils. I have also been a classroom teacher in various Special Needs Schools where I have taught youngsters with severe autism, visual impairment, emotional and behavioural difficulties and anxiety.
I now run my own tuition business teaching instruments, French, and Curriculum support. I have a good reputation as I achieve good exam results and I have a calm working environment for pupils who suffer with anxiety.
I am the DBS update service also.

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07967 179 053
07967 179 053

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