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  • Up to Degree level Maths
  • Up to Degree level Further Maths
  • Up to A Level Biology
  • Up to A Level Chemistry
  • All levels Physics
  • Up to Degree level Physics
  • Up to Degree level Science
  • Up to Degree level Astronomy
  • Up to A Level German

I tutor Physics and Maths up to degree level, Chemistry, Biology and German up to A-Level and also offer support with Python for scientists.

Price and Range:
GCSE and below 40 per hour
A-Level 50 per hour
University Level 70 per hour

Personal Information:
I'm enthusiastic about science and have a specific interest in Astrophysics. I have a PhD in Physics and Astronomy from the University of Southampton.

To fund my PhD, I received a Mayflower scholarship, which required me to teach 25% of my time there. I assisted teaching of several different courses ranging from first to fourth year Physics including Maths, laboratories, electromagnetism and more.

I also helped to mark problem sheets, exams, course work as well as presentations. Moreover, I was an academic tutor and had regular tutorials with my tutees. I guided them academically whilst also making sure that they were settling in well into University life.

As part of my teaching experience at University, I have taught students with a range of abilities and from different cultural backgrounds, including non-native speakers.

I am experienced online tutor in Maths and Science. Sessions are held via Zoom and I use a writing tablet to go through ideas, concepts and calculations. I always adapt the content of my sessions to suit the different exam boards and curricula. I also have a visualiser to show Science experiments, pages from books amongst other things.

One-to-one and group sessions as well as online lessons available.

I understand that each person has a different learning style and I adapt my tutoring sessions to reflect this. I'm friendly and personable and aim to put every student at ease because learning should be fun.
I tutor Maths and Physics up to degree level and Chemistry and Biology up to A-Level. I'm also happy to teach German for all age groups as I'm a native speaker.

I hold a current enhanced DBS certificate, volunteer at a local preschool group and have three children of my own.

Maxi Goossens - Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Science, Chemistry, Biology, German & Astronomy Online Tutor

Dr. Maxi Goossens


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