Maths & Chemistry Tutor Tunbridge Wells, South London & East Sussex


  • Up to A Level Maths
  • A Level Further Maths
  • Up to A Level Chemistry

Areas Covered

Maths and Further Maths up to A Level
Chemistry up to A Level

Price and Range:
In person: Maths to GCSE 40 per hour if you travel to me, 45 if I travel to you.
A Level 45 - 50
Block bookings in advance at a discounted rate.
Online 40 - 45

Personal Information:
I have a BSc Honours degree in Chemistry and a PGCE. I have been teaching since 1995, mainly at grammar schools in Kent, but more recently in Peru and now at an independent girls school in South East London, where I am Head of Maths.

I think it is really important to establish a strong rapport with my students, to find ways to explain concepts so that they really understand them rather than just learn a method with no true grasp of why it works. It is also essential to instill and develop a sense of self-belief and confidence in students. Everyone can do Maths, it is simply a case of finding the right approach to secure students understanding and then enough practice to make sure it sticks.

Over the years, the results of my students and my tutees have been outstanding, no matter whether the subject is Maths or Chemistry, GCSE or A Level Further Maths. I do not rest until my students are smiling and confident that they have overcome their obstacles.

The first 30 minutes of the first lesson free, allowing the student an opportunity to be sure they can work with me; after that the prices are as above. These may not be the cheapest, but you will find it worth the investment of both time and money.

Listing type: Tutor

Distance travelled:
Up to 10 miles of TN4

Mon-Fri Eve and Weekends only

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07825 253 021

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