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  • GCSE Science

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I will tutor ks3 and ks4 sciences to GCSE level in biology, chemistry and physics.

Price and Range:
The price I will charge is irrelevant of level and subject.
My costs are £25 per hour plus any extra expenses incurred such as stationary, travel and marking time.

Personal Information:
Hi, my name is Mark Dodds. I have been teaching science at a secondary school since 2003. During that time I progressed to being the second in my department but chose not to become the head of department. I chose to become a progress manager as part of a team of three, leading years 9 and 10.
Prior to becoming a teacher I worked in agriculture on dairy farms and in the mid 90ís was involved in a number of research programmes. Due to this involvement I became interested in education and the opportunity arose in 2002 to do a GTP, to gain my qualified teacher status.
My interests include most sports in particilar football rugby cricket and hockey.
In my early years teaching I coached both boys and girls football.
I am now at a stage in my career where I want to go at a slower pace and tutoring gives me the flexibility to do that.

Mark Dodds - Science Tutor Horncastle, Lincolnshire

Mark Dodds

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