Marina McGovern - Maths, English & 11+ Tutor Ewell, Cheam, Carshalton, Epsom & Banstead


  • Up to GCSE Maths
  • Up to GCSE English
  • Primary 11 plus

Areas Covered

GCSE English Language/Literature
GCSE Maths
11+ and Common Entrance preparation
Primary English and Maths

Price and Range:
35-40 per hour

Personal Information:
I offer a personalised approach, working closely with the student to build on their strengths and address their weaknesses. I carry out initial and ongoing assessments, with each student's programme being tailor-made to suit their individual needs. A crucial aspect of my approach is to increase the student's confidence in their abilities, whilst improving their subject knowledge and study skills.

I have a BA Hons in English Literature and Sociology/Psychology and previously taught English, psychology and embedded maths at a local college. In 2012, I became a full-time tutor, working on a one-to-one basis mainly with children (but sometime adults as well) supporting them with their school work and helping to prepare them for exams.

The students I have worked with have generally achieved the grades they require at GCSE. The majority of my 11+ students have been successful in their entry exams.

I believe that everybody is unique and capable of achieving their potential if given the appropriate support and encouragement.

I am happy to have an informal meeting with you to discuss your child's needs and how I can help them achieve success. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Marina McGovern - Maths, English & 11+ Tutor Ewell, Surrey

Marina McGovern

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Listing type: Tutor

Distance travelled:
Up to 5 miles of SM2

All days day and eve

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07977 932 413

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