Margaret Harrison- R.E., Music, Piano, Maths, English, SEN Tutor Newcastle, Cramlington, Morpeth & Blyth


  • Up to GCSE Maths
  • Up to GCSE English
  • Up to GCSE Religious Education R.E.
  • Intermediate Piano
  • Up to GCSE Music
  • Up to GCSE Music Theory
  • Aspergers Syndrome
  • Autism
  • Irlens
  • SEN

English: reading, comprehension, writing, literature including Shakespeare.
Maths: All aspects of Maths from early years to GCSE.
R.E. Major world religions and morals and ethics.
Music:Theory, listening and composition.

Price and Range:
To the age of 13, 18.
14 years and beyond, 20.
There may be a small extra charge for pupils geographically on the edge or over the limit of my area.

Personal Information:
I enjoy teaching and helping young people overcome their anxieties and weaknesses in the subjects I teach. I seek to increase their confidence in themselves and the subject. Frequently in one to one work, pupils are more willing to admit where they need help. I aim to enable them to reach their potential.

I have taught in primary and secondary schools working with children from a variety of backgrounds and abilities. I have also worked in Special schools with children who have physical disabilities, Autism, behavioural problems and pupils where English is not spoken at home.

I have children of my own (now grown up) so I understand the problems of fitting homework, hobbies and interests and relaxation.

I have considerable resources for education including verbal and non verbal exercises and tests.

I help prepare children for SATS and coach them in examination practise and technique (reading exam questions, time awareness and use, order of answering questions) so that they are comfortable and not intimidated by exam conditions.

Experience in dealing with children who have problems in areas of the curriculum, or who fail to achieve as well as those who need further challenges because of their ability, which has been useful classroom, I have found invaluable in home tuition.

I believe it is important to talk with the parents about their feelings and insights about the needs and strengths of their child. I am always happy to listen to the school progress the pupil is making before I begin to teach the child and also the improvements and further targets to be met during the time I teach them.

To relax myself, I enjoy reading, theatre and concerts. I am a pianist and church organist.

Margaret Harrison - R.E., Music, Piano, Maths, English, SEN Tutor  Newcastle, Tyne & Wear

Margaret Harrison

Tyne and Wear

Listing type: Tutor


Distance travelled:
Up to 20 miles of NE6

All days day and eve

Crb check:
I have a Crb Check [Help]

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0191 262 5647
07956 434 143

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