Louise Lamacraft - Biology, Health & Social Care & Chemistry Tutor Waterlooville, Portsmouth, Petersfield & Havant


  • AS Level Biology
  • A Level Biology
  • GCSE Chemistry
  • AS Level Human Biology
  • A Level Human Biology
  • BTEC Health and Social Care

Areas Covered

A level Biology
A level Human Biology
GCSE Biology
GCSE Chemistry

BTEC level 3 Health and Social Care (science units)
BTEC level 3 Animal Management (science units)
Foundation degree

Price and Range:
35.00 per hour A level / Foundation degree
30.00 per hour GCSE
Travel expenses up to 15 miles 5.00

Personal Information:
I have 20 years experience at a local college teaching A level, GCSE, vocational and mature students.

I am very happy to tutor mature students on access to health studies courses or foundation degree students who need help with biological modules.

I believe that one to one tuition focusing on areas of difficulty and exam technique can reap significant uplift in student confidence and therefore exam outcomes.

I have extensive experience of providing pastoral support to students experiencing challenges with their education.

Building trust and rapport with students is essential in helping them to succeed this is a particular strength in my tutoring and is illustrated by comments from my students:

"Thank you so much for helping me through my first year"
"Thrilled to bits with my GCSE Chemistry result"
"Thank you for everything you have done for me as a tutor"
"I wouldn't have passed the course or got into Uni without your motivation and support"

I am a keen cyclist, qualified riding instructor and warranted guide leader.

Louise Lamacraft - Biology, Health & Social Care & Chemistry Tutor Waterlooville, Hampshire

Louise Lamacraft


Listing type: Tutor

Distance travelled:
Up to 15 miles of PO8

Mon-Fri only day and eve

Crb check:
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Contact Details for Louise Lamacraft

023 9259 7405
07903 874 377

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