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Mathematics at Key Stage 3 and GCSE

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Mathematics tuition charged at 25 per hour

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I am currently doing all tuition online using Skype during the coronavirus pandemic. I am also continuing lessons during school holidays for students who would like to do this.
I am a friendly, patient and experienced mathematics tutor. I have a degree from Bristol University and have been tutoring maths since 2002.
I do all my tutoring from my home in Old Sodbury (which neighbours Chipping Sodbury and Yate). I offer all my tuition as private 1-to-1 lessons at a cost of 25 per hour. The lessons are typically for one hour weekly on weekday afternoons and evenings during South Gloucestershire school term time. I always offer an initial trial lesson for us to meet and make sure that we are happy working together.
I tutor secondary school pupils, 6th form students and mature students of varying abilities up to GCSE level. My tuition concentrates on building up confidence in basic techniques and preparing students for GCSE maths exams.

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