Katrina Buckle - Business Studies, SEN, 11+, Maths, English & Marketing Tutor, Sherborne & Dorchester


  • Up to GCSE Maths
  • Up to GCSE English
  • Up to GCSE Business Studies
  • Up to GCSE Non Verbal Reasoning
  • Up to GCSE Verbal Reasoning
  • Adult Education Functional Skills
  • NVQ Communication Skills
  • Adult Education Marketing
  • Degree Marketing
  • All levels SEN

Multi sensory tuition in primary, 11+, critical thinking, reading, writing, numeracy, essays/reports, revision, SEN; GCSE (English, Maths +); business studies to degree/professional, interview prep

Price and Range:
Primary/Secondary: 28 per hour (reduction for siblings or groups of learners)

Adult/business/professional: 30 - 36 per hour (negotiable for groups)

Additional hours/part hours negotiable.

Travel expenses if appropriate.

Personal Information:
I am qualified in the HighScope active learning approach, hold the PTLLS Award for teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector, Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma, HNC in Business and Finance and English Speaking Board Higher Proficiency Oral Skills in Management Award.

In addition to roles in education (teaching and management), training and development sectors, I have worked in commerce, the not-for-profit charitable sector and local government, holding management responsibilities for marketing, communications, business development and project delivery. This gives me the added advantage of being able to relate students' learning opportunities to the real world and the practical application of skills for life and a successful career.

The tuition I offer is personalised to the needs and aspirations of the learner, taking account of individual learning styles - for instance some of us prefer to research and read, others like to be shown how to complete a task before attempting it ourselves - and is inclusive of any special educational needs, eg dyslexia, dyscalculia, autism, speech and language difficulties. I place strong emphasis on the development of learning and communication skills, home educating my son for several years in order to ensure the meeting of his complex special needs.

My teaching practice is kept up to date through regular research and by investing in continuing professional development. I enjoy teaching all age groups and make creative use of a wide range of multi sensory learning resources, incorporating a therapeutic approach where appropriate and ICT (Information Communications Technology). A healthy amount of fun while learning (whether improving maths or handwriting) and developing a positive rapport with my students are both vital aspects of the tuition service I offer.

Although preferring to tutor face-to-face, the current coronavirus restrictions must be observed so on-line tuition is provided.

Katrina Buckle - Business Studies, SEN, 11+, Maths, English & Marketing Tutor Sherborne, Dorset

Katrina Buckle


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Mon-Fri only day and eve

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