Kate Christoforou - Primary, KS3 & GCSE Maths, 11+ & 13+ Tutor Ealing, Chiswick, Acton, Hanwell & Greenford


  • Up to GCSE Maths
  • KS3 11 plus
  • KS3 13 plus

Areas Covered

I teach Maths to the following levels:

11 + and 13+


Price and Range:
11+ preparation from 45 for one hour and from 75 for two hours.

KS3 from 40 per hour.

GCSE and IGCSE from 50 an hour

Special rates for GCSE, IGCSE, exam revision and exam techniques, 11+ and 13+ for groups of 4.

Personal Information:

My name is Kate.

I am a well qualified and experienced Mathematics Teacher/Past Maths examiner with 28 years of experience. I am based in West London and offer tuition anywhere in West London, Buckshire and Watford, as long as is not more than 16 miles away from Ealing Broadway.

I have degrees in Mathematics, and in Economics. I worked in Banking and the Foreign Service and for 28 years in various London Boroughs teaching Secondary Maths. Furthermore for a long time until recently been a Maths examiner.

I teach 11+, 13+, KS3 to GCSE and IGCSE level.
Every student is unique, that is why I use a variety of teaching techniques to teach each individual student in order to achieve high results.

I love teaching Maths and helping youngsters achieve their maximum potential.

Lots of my students having been predicted Us,Fs Es and Ds have with hard work and my guidance and at least 40 hours of teaching achieved at least Bs and most of those predicted Cs got As and A*s.

All my students are calling the magician of Maths.

Let us get down to work together and achieve some amazing results.

Kate Christoforou - Maths, 11+ & 13+ Tutor  Ealing, West London

Kate Christoforou

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Distance travelled:
Up to 10 miles of UB6

All days day and eve

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07776 192 010

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