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We offer online tuition for Primary and Secondary students. This includes: KS1 and 2 English and Maths, KS3, GCSE and A Level English Literature and Language for all exam boards. We also offer support for primary level SATs, 11+ preparation and KS3 and GCSE Maths. We are both subject experts and DBS checked.

Price and Range:
Our tutoring rates are from 32/hour. We offer a free trial lesson and assessment to our registered students. We also have tuition packages for booking long term. We accept payments online using our secure management service provided by Tutorbird.

Personal Information:
Just 2 Imagine Tutors is run by a Primary/English Teacher and a Maths teacher.

Hello my name is Kara. Online Tutor, Primary and English. Enthusiastic teacher of 20 years, fully qualified QTS teacher in the UK and a primary and secondary English expert. I love literature and share my passion with my students.

*MA in Early Years Education from University College of London
*BA in English, Kean University, NJ

As a private tutor, I use fun and engaging learning activities to motivate my students. My tutorials are student-centred and tailored to meet their needs. I use modelling, scaffolding and questioning to help build my student's confidence. My lessons include: screen-sharing, online quizzes, interactive games, video chat and feedback. I keep my tutees actively engaged and check their understanding using their verbal responses and written work. I also communicate well with parents as their partnership is essential to their child's learning.

Hello my name is Ben. Online Maths Tutor. Creative Maths teacher of ten years. I worked as a Lead tutor, and as a Maths teacher for GCSE students at several independent colleges in the UK. I am a mental maths whiz!

*PGCE St Mary's University, UK
*Mathematics Enhancement Course, Distinction, Roehampton University, UK
*Bsc Kingston University, UK

As a private tutor, I empathize with my students and get to know them in terms of how they learn best. During my tutorials, I facilitate the learning by breaking it up into achievable chunks and explaining the topics of Mathematics in different ways that will make it easier to understand. My lessons are differentiated using student's prior knowledge, and interactive activities where I model a task and then get the student to complete a mathematical problem and explain how they got to their answer. In addition, I use assessment and parent feedback to create next steps for my learners to achieve.

Just 2 Imagine Tutors - English, Maths & 11 plus Tutor Eastleigh, Hampshire

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