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  • GCSE Biology
  • GCSE Chemistry
  • GCSE Physics
  • KS3 Science
  • GCSE Science

I teach science for key stage 3 (years 7-9) and GCSE (years 9-11), as combined science and as separate sciences: biology, chemistry and physics, and physics to A-level

Price and Range:
Initial discussion - 30 minutes - free of charge,
KS3 science 30 per hour,
KS3 small group - equivalent to 12 per week,
GCSE combined science 40,
GCSE biology 40 per hour,
GCSE chemistry 40 per hour,
GCSE physics 40 per hour,
A level physics 50 per hour

Personal Information:
I work with students to help them identify their own areas for improvement, consolidate existing knowledge, and improve exam technique. I choose to tutor online so that no student is too far away to benefit from my experience and assistance. I use an interactive whiteboard and lessons are available for students to revisit to assist with future revision.

I am really keen for my students to 'control' the tuition. By that, I mean they can request what they would like to work on the next lesson, and also when to move on because they are confident with a particular topic. I find students have greater motivation to complete any extra work if they feel in control. For a large number of students, increased motivation, some accountability (outside of school and home), and a little extra work can make a huge difference to their grades and confidence.

I strongly recommend booking an initial discussion. It gives us a chance to meet each other and discuss areas for improvement and expectations of tuition with me.

Julie Shandley-edwards - Online Science, Biology, Chemistry & Physics Tutor

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