John Barnes - Science, Chemistry & Physics Tutor Stockport, Ashton under Lyne, Tameside, Denton & Bredbury


  • Up to GCSE Chemistry
  • Up to GCSE Physics
  • Up to GCSE Science

I offer both general science at KS3 (years 7 to 9) and Physics and Chemistry GCSE (KS4 years 10 and 11).These are provided with full knowledge of curriculum content of the major examination boards.
I also offer general science for dual award (KS4).

Price and Range:
I charge 22 per hour for GCSE physics and GCSE Chemistry.

I also charge 22 per hour for dual award GCSE science.

My charge for KS3 science is 20 per hour.

Personal Information:
I am 49 years old and have an honours degree and PhD (Doctorate) in science.
I worked for many years in managerial roles in industry and bring this knowledge of real world science to my tutoring.
I made the career change into education when I realised how much pleasure, satisfaction and success I achieved tutoring nieces, nephews and friends children to GCSE science.
I am a fully qualified teacher, with 12 years experience in secondary comprehensive education. I teach students of all abilities and have not lost my enthusiasm for sharing information and my pleasure at observing successful learning.
I have two of my own children in full time education and regard time spent with them as my greatest social pleasure and responsibility. I am also a keen cyclist and walker and spend spare time at the weekends exploring the peak district.
In my tutoring, I take time to explore any weaknesses in general subject knowledge and provide techniques and resources to overcome these gaps in learning. I am also very keen that students gain full understanding of the techniques required to successfully complete external exams. I will provide the tools for students to fully understand what is required to gain maximum marks in all types of exam question.

Listing type: Tutor

Distance travelled:
Up to 10 miles of SK6

Crb check:
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0161 427 9870
07599 501 007

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