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  • GCSE Maths

GCSE Maths

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GCSE Maths 25 per hour

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I'm keen to help people to have a positive attitude towards maths and to succeed in working with it at the levels they need. I would encourage students to say what they find difficult and to ask me for help as we work together through problems and challenges to find the best way to success. As it is challenging to prepare for exams we would focus on technique as well as understanding mathematical processes.

I have had full-time maths teaching experience in several Birmingham comprehensive schools. I then did voluntary, which led to paid, maths support in a primary school while my children were still young. I've recently been employed in a college teaching resit students, AS level students and adults taking GCSE maths evening classes.

I studied at Bristol University (I have an architectural degree and diploma) then moved to work in Birmingham before deciding to teach. I have a PGCE qualification specialising in maths.

Jill Morton - Maths Tutor Edgbaston, West Midlands

Jill Morton

West Midlands

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Up to 5 miles of B29

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