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The subjects I teach are maths, English, verbal reasoning and nonverbal reasoning for the 11 plus and year 7 independent school entrance exams.

Bexley Grammar schools, Kent Grammar schools, and independent schools in London and Kent.

Price and Range:
25 per hour.

Personal Information:
I believe that most children are capable of passing any of the year 7 entrance exams so long as they are given enough time and thorough preparation. I have taught children for the past six years, who have passed both the grammar and independent school exams such as Newstead Wood and St Oalves. Children are able to make quick progress with tailored one on one lessons.

In each lesson I carefully take the pupil through the topics explaining them as simply as possible. I go through several example questions in detail until the pupil is fully confident they understand. I check their understanding with short test and ask the pupil to explain the concepts back to me, before moving on to the next topic. I then focus on key exam techniques to help improve their test results. Homework is provided at guardian's discretion.

I have a BS Honours in Biomedical Science.

Jesse Larbi - 11+ Tutor Chatham, Kent

Jesse Larbi


Listing type: Tutor

Distance travelled:
Up to 10 miles of ME5

All days day and eve

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07913 259 385

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